Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some Chin Music and Trade Talk....

  • You can find the run down of yesterdays game at  Hey Rammy how was that chin music???
  • The Cubs made their 2nd round of cuts yesterday with Micah Gibbs and Dae-Eun Rhee.  The roster stands out 57.
  • Sveum said Soriano will not lead off this season and DeJesus will be the primary leadoff guy with Soriano hitting in the middle of the order.
  • Sveum said he was disappointed to be passed over for the Brewers managerial job.
  • Phil Rogers is adding more to the Jorge Soler to the Cubs stuff you can find here.
  • The Yankees are a little worried about Pineda so insert the Garza rumors.  A source told me that the Yankees will not hesistate in trading for another front line starter like Matt Garza if Pineda struggles in New York.  He goes on to say they are prepared to trade their entire farm to win the World Series this year.
  • Check out Cubbies Crib for their roster profiles found here.

A couple of side notes for the site. 

  • I have removed the comment moderation of the site so we can have easier conversations.  I encourage everyone to sign in and create a user name if you have not already.
  • I have tweaked my site for all our smart phone users.  It is now formatted for easier viewing on your smart phone.  I am still working on developing an app.
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