Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quick Hits and the Iowa Cubs Will Be Good!!!

Some quick hits-

-Brett Jackson will not ride the bench in Chicago. Out of Spring Training he will either be a starter in the outfield or starting in Iowa.

-Sveum does not think Junior Lake can stay at SS because of his size.

-To further what I predicted on the 25 man roster yesterday the Cubs are really high on Cardenas.

-Here is a run down of yesterdays win for the Chicago Cubs from BleacherNation.

-More pics from the BoysofSpring.

-Check out We Are Baseball GMs for some Cubs extension talk.

Side Note-

So the Iowa Cubs have the potential to have a great team this season. With all the young talent in the Chicago Cubs camp it is likely some of them will stay in Chicago. But others will likely go to Iowa or Tenn. So, I am going to run down the best possible lineup and rotation for the Iowa Cubs based on my 25 man roster posted yesterday. I do realize that some of these players maybe ticketed for Tennessee but for sake of argument I will build this lineup with the best possible players from Cubs camp not making the 25 man roster.


1. Matt Szczur RF
2. Brett Jackson CF
3. Josh Vitters 3b
4. Anthony Rizzo 1st
5. Junior Lake SS
6. Blake DeWitt 2b
7. Welington Castillo C
8. David Sappelt LF


1. Trey McNutt RHP
2. Randy Wells RHP
3. Chris Rusin LHP
4. Casey Coleman RHP
5. Alberto Cabrera RHP

With this team I think the Iowa Cubs (if this team remains basically the same the whole season (which is unlikely)) win at least 80 games and 95 wins is not crazy. A lineup that has a great right/lefty balance, full of rising stars, and top prospects gives you a legit reason to be excited. A rotation that has big league experience and young talent mixed through out that will be unmatched by any other team.

If this team is constructed how it is shown above it is possible the people of Iowa see 8 players this year that will be with the big league club this season or the following year. One thing is for sure it will give the people of Iowa a taste of the major leagues right in their backyard.

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