Friday, March 09, 2012

Help Hot Stove Cubbies Take The Next Step!

A message to all HSC loyal followers:

I’m excited to announce some upcoming changes for Hot Stove Cubbies!

6 years ago when I started Hot Stove Cubbies my goal was to bring the reader the most up-to-date stories, rumor write-ups, opinions, and many other features because of my love for the Chicago Cubs. I have always wanted to make sure the reader is satisfied with the content because you have helped shape this site and make it successful.

HSC has been looking into new avenues to make this site more interactive for the reader. I am considering adding a HSC Message Board, a possible transition from Blog to website, even an app for iphone and/or Android users, the possibilities really are endless. While all these things are great, unfortunately they can become quite costly! I recently added a new feature to the HSC Blog where you can “donate” to the Blog to make these new ideas for HSC a reality. The donation feature and the addition of advertisements will never affect the integrity of the site nor will HSC ever become a pay site. This site was designed for the die hard, Cubbie-blue blooded Cubs fans, like myself, to enjoy without ever having strings attached.

You, the reader, can make Hot Stove Cubbies as successful as you want it to be. The more successful HSC is, the more content and expansion the site can do. I want to say a deep hearted thank you to ALL the people that have made Hot Stove Cubbies a part of their internet lives and say I am very excited to take the next big step forward with you right by my side.

Warm Regards,

Hot Stove Cubbies


jake said...

I have been an AVID hsc reader for many years. If you are interested in developing an APP for your website, please contact me.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, good luck dude. You ain't gonna get a penny for the BS you spew on here. Get a couple rumors right and then we'll talk, harharharharharharhar!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are going to have to start updating your blog more than once a week and get some rumors right for me to even spend a penny to help you.