Sunday, March 04, 2012

Some Cubs Talk...

- I was not going to hit on the inter squad games because they "really don't mean anything" but I thought it would be worth noting Matt Szczur big day which included a grand slam and a tag and score from 2nd base on a ball to the outfield.

- Sveum suggested he is strongly considering batting Castro 3rd and (gulp) sees Soriano as a possible fit in the leadoff spot. Normally I would rip that idea but Soriano actually does much better out of the leadoff spot than he does anywhere else. I still prefer DeJesus or Barney leading off.

- Phil Rogers says the Cubs will likely trade Soto before the 2013 season because they are greatly effected by the Molina 5 year $75M extension. I can understand the logic because Soto will make a lot of money next season but I think regardless of Molina's deal he would have been still trade bait.

- BleacherNation has the breakdown of Theo on the radio a few days ago so check it out!

- TheCubsReporter has the breakdown of yesterdays inter squad game so check that out as well.

- Dale Sveum is in favor of extended playoffs which is to be expected because it gives his Cubs a better chance to make those playoffs.

- The Indians are interested in Marlon Byrd or Tony Campana to fill their vacancy in CF since Sizemore's recent injury. I would assume the Indians have more interest in Byrd than Campana because of his defense and power but would like Campana's speed and price much better.

- Shark may end up in the pen but that is only if he does not prove himself as a starter in Spring Training.

- Here is the lineup for the Cubs first spring game-
1. Soriano LF
2. Stewart 3rd
3. Castro SS
4. LaHair 1st
5. Byrd CF
6. David DeJesus RF
7. Jeff Baker DH
8. Darwin Barney 2b
9. Welington Castillo C

Not a bad lineup but I do not see it as the everyday line-up of course. Soto is still out with a "mild groin strain."

- BoysOfSpring has more great pictures of Spring action Cubs style.

- WeAreBaseballGMs has so good insight, predictions, and write-ups so check them out.

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