Saturday, March 03, 2007

Z talks resume, cubs box score, etc

Here is an interesting tidbit from Mlbtraderumors-

According to Carlos Zambrano himself, his agents and Jim Hendry will resume talks about a contract extension today by phone. Gordon Wittenmeyer of the Chicago Sun-Times says the parameters are five years and an AAV between $14.6-18MM. Makes sense, and I imagine a full no-trade would be in there too.
Zambrano had a lot to say yesterday, promising a Cy Young for himself a World Series title for Chicago. He later qualified that last one by saying he's "almost sure." As a Cubs fan, I enjoy the bravado.
I once attended the 1998 Cubs Convention. That ended up being a playoff season for the Cubs, their first since 1989. I had the privilege of meeting
Kevin Tapani. I told him I hoped he'd win 20 games that year (I thus take most of the credit for his career-high 19 wins despite his 4.85 ERA). Tap told me, "it'd be a great season if that happened." It was an appropriate response for a past-his-prime battler. I feel that Zambrano would tell a 15 year-old kid that he'll win 25 and hit 25 home runs too.

i really think they will get this deal done by opening day! You gotta love Big Z's attitude, saying the cubs will win the World Series and he will win the Cy Young.. Classic Zambrano!


Here is the box score to the game today-;_ylt=AhtBHCY71V4p_ZVd6hjc4ygRvLYF?gid=270303111

Ronny had a homer the usual way, Barret got it the hard way by rounding the bases with the ball still in play. Pitching did well, at least the cubs didn't lose.

Prior and Wood both will pitch Monday. This will be the fourth time they have pitched in the same game. Lilly will come in after Prior and then you will see Wood in the later innings.

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