Monday, February 26, 2007

Prior wasting no time now!

An unusual situation out of Cubs came today. Sweet Lou has announced that Prior will start against the M's on Monday. This coming a day after the Cubs announced that he and Wood would get there cactus league debut the second go around. That would have been next Thursday or Friday. Lilly( who was suppose to pitch Monday) will relief Prior because Mark needs more time to warm up.
To me it looks like the Cubs started hearing the grumblings of fans and asked Mark if he would be ready to go. He said yes for the mere fact to show the cubs and there fans that he is healthy and ready! I'm glad they decided to shut up all those negative fans and the "jump to conclusions media" by announcing he is going to start Monday instead of the following Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I am in the late rounds of a fantasy baseball draft and have a right handed pitcher slot to fill. When I saw none other than Kerry Wood still available I wanted to ask you if you think he's worth the risk. There are obvious health concerns, but could Wood move into the closer role at some point and be deadly in short bursts? Thanks

cubsfan82 said...

I would definitly buy up Wood. He is a dark horse in fantasy draft.. He could move into the closer roll or Howry could if Dempser faulters. I would pick him up no doubt!