Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Santo misses hall by 4 votes!

How in the hell can you not vote him in?!?! I'm sorry for getting so pissed but this is ridiculous! Santo a 9 time all star, great player in his era, 5 gold gloves, and a .277 lifetime avg., and the best guy, who played the game right, yet you cant vote him in?!? He is a model baseball player, he worked hard, and did it with diabetes. I know he doesn't want to use that to get in and nor should the committee take that into consideration but I take it into consideration. He he had69.5% of the votes and needed 75% which is only 4 votes shy, he lead the class in votes with 57 votes. I'm mostly frustrated with the fact he is only 4 votes short, who are these people who don't want him in the Hall? Who doesn't think he is worthy? If its stats check this out!

Lets compare-
2896 games
10654 at bats
1232 2b
2848 hits
268 HR
1357 RBI
.267 avg
.322 OBP

2243 games
8143 at bats
1138 2b
2254 hits
1331 RBI .
277 avg
.362 OBP
.464 SLG

The first guy is Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson and the second guy is Ron Santo. IF your going by just stats and say he doesn't belong then your crazy. Compare HR, AVG, OBP ETC.. Plain and simple Santo deserves the Hall of Fame!

Ron Santo deserves to be in the Hall and no one is going to make me believe any different. Ron to me your a guy who played the game right and not only do you have great stats but you did things that don't show up on stat sheets. Ron Santo is a Hall of Famer to me! Whether he is inducted or not!


Anonymous said...

You can bet Joe Morgan voted against him. He has had a personal vendetta against Ron and has been very vocal about it

Anonymous said...

Sure makes you think these vets are purposefully making it difficult on players like Santo. They like their little chummy club and like keeping it exclusive if they haven't been able to elect anyone in years.

Tony Koziol said...

i believe it was 5 votes. And by the way, I think Brooks Robinson's defense is a key reason why he got in. Also, more people know who Brooks Robinson is than they know who Ron Santo is.

cubsfan82 said...

While I do agree with you that Brooks Robinsons defense is spectacular, and he is a hell of a ball player. Deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. The reason I made the comparisom is everyone always says that Santo "doesnt have the offensive stats". Well you can say Brooks Robinson "didnt have the offensive stats" when you compare them. The fact is Ron Santo won 5 gold gloves and is a 9 time allstar who was the top 3 best 3rd baseman in his era. He deserves to be in the Hall. But Dicks like Morgan want to keep him out!