Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Santo HOF, finds out today. More Spring News.

We find out today if Ron Santo is a Hall of Famer. The cubs former 3rd baseman is anxiously waiting by the phone today. They expect to announce if any of the 27 former players make it by 1 pm ct today. The veterans committee has never inducted anyone into the Hall since they were established in 2003. This year could be different and Santo hopes it is! In my opinion there is only two players out of the 27 that deserve to go in, and that is Santo and Gil Hodges. We will have to wait until 1 pm ct to find out if our beloved 3rd baseman and fan favorite Ron Santo is a Hall of Famer. One thing is for sure he is a Hall of Famer in all cubs fans eyes!

Check Ron's Stats- http://www.baseball-reference.com/s/santoro01.shtml
9 time all-star, Lou Gehrig winner, 5 Gold Gloves, finished in the top 10 in MVP voting 4 times, twice in the top 5, 2254 hits, 342 hr, .277 average, 1331 rbi in 15 seasons. Thats Hall numbers to me!


Other Cubs News-

1. Sean Gallagher and Guzman both impressed Lou yesterday. Guzman even surprised Blanco, Blanco saying he noticed a good change. He has raised he velocity and his command is alot better.

2. Lou not worried about outfield defense, says alot of great athletes out there and shouldn't be a problem. He will get a better feel once games start. Here is a good quote from cubs.com-

"The answer is no but with one reservation -- let's see how we line them up," he said. "It shouldn't be. We've got some athleticism. We've got [Matt] Murton and [Cliff] Floyd, who are basically left fielders. Then we've got two other kids in the outfield who are very athletic, [Jacque] Jones and Soriano. I told Jones today to take a few balls in center field from time to time."
Soriano will get the most playing time in center.
"He's getting good jumps off the ball and reading it well," Piniella said. "The games will tell more than anything else. The big thing is he's willing to do it, he's willing to try it, and he feels comfortable out there.
"I wouldn't call [the outfield defense] iffy, I really wouldn't," Piniella said. "Are we going to have the best outfield defense in baseball? Probably not. We're certainly more than capable of making all the plays, the routine plays, and a few extra, and that's what we're going to strive for."

I'm really hoping Soriano makes it in CF. He has the speed to play center in Wrigley and I think he will strive there. If Pie is called up you have 2 options, move Soriano, which he said he doesn't want to do once the season starts. Or let Pie play RF, which is the hardest in baseball. He has ML defense, why not put him there to show it off. Of course if he is called up, someone would be traded, released, or injured.

3. More great news! Seems like Wood wont be held back either. Expect Kerry Wood to get in a Cactus League game early next week. This is good news for all cubs fans, instead of waiting the 2nd go around with Wood and Prior, there going with both early next week! Good news!

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