Thursday, March 01, 2007

Notes before the first ST game

Well the Cubs have announced some things that are not really surprising and some are. You expected some players to have Spring discomfort and to recover from past injuries, if you didn't then you haven't spent time keeping up with Spring Training. So here it is-

1. Prior threw 2 innings yesterday and is right on track for his Cactus League debut on Monday. He faced Jake Fox who hit 2 out and a come backer to Mark but no damage done. Your going to have that in Spring Training. There is no sense in looking into Prior giving up HR.

2. Cliff Floyd says yesterday that he is ready to go but the Cubs say no your not. Cliff Floyd who is coming off problems with his left foot, says he is ready to play in this weeks games, the Cubs medical staff think its a good idea to let that foot heal for a week before he gets game action. The last thing they want Floyd to do is re-injure himself before the season. Floyd is seeing the ball well and he is feeling the best he has ever felt in 4 years. The last thing you want is a set back! I think this is wise, let it heal, because a healthy Floyd his .280 25hr and 80rbi!

3. Ward rejoined the club after stomach aches. So he wont be available the first two games.

4. Weurtz is feeling discomfort in his shoulder, which he felt last year. Its nothing major but the cubs will give him the weekend off have him throw Monday and get it check out again on Weds.

5. Things to be determined, it sounds like the fifth spot in the rotation is up for grabs. With Z, Lilly, Marquis, and Hill taking the four spots, there will be a battle for the fifth this Spring. The players that will be battling are Marshall(who is a long shot), Prior( who is a shoe in if he is healthy and would take the 3 spot and Marquis would take the 5th), Miller ( Prior's main completion, has lost alot of speed on his fastball, its topping out at about 87-88 but could still get the fifth spot if Prior falters at all) and Cotts( He is the dark horse and also unlikely because he will get the long relief job you would have to believe. He has good stuff, but Lou said he would like to go r,l,r,l,r in the rotation so he is also the long shot).
The other thing to watch is the battle for CF.. There is a chance that Pie could win the job if he does lights out in ST, but don't hold your breath. The other possible candidates are Soriano( most likely, if he does decent in ST he will get the job just for the fact of his speed and how he said he would like to play CF). Jones( who would have played CF in Minnasota if Hunter wasn't there, could win it if he shows he has no problem covering or throwing out there).

6. Ron Santo lobbies for yearly veterans committee voting for the Hall of Fame.

If you didn't know(lol) the Cubs play the Giants today at 2:05. It will be Marquis against Zito. Should be fun! GO CUBBIES!

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