Friday, January 19, 2007

Theriot in Center? Jones? Pie?

At the convention today Lou was asked if Jones was his CF, he said he doesnt know and basically alot can change from now to then. He also says right now he has Jones penciled in the Number 5 spot behind Aram.. He did say he likes the player Jones is, likes his attitude, hustle, work ethic, etc.
Lou did say that center is open tho. One person he mentioned as a wild card is Theriot, he would provide good defense in center.. I seen him play some outfield in Iowa, he is a good defender, not to mention he is a pest when he bats. Lou said center is the only postion on the field they havent filled yet and he made it sound like it will be determined in Spring Training, and thats the way it should be, make them battle for that spot. Pie sounds like a long shot from Lou point of view but that can all change when he shows his D in Spring Training. All Pie needs to do is work his a$$ off and hit for a decent adverage and I have a feeling we will see him in the opening day lineup.

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