Friday, January 19, 2007

More Moves Could Be Made??

According to the Daily Herald-

If the season started today, Jones would move from right field to center. However, if the Cubs feel Jones is unhappy enough with his lot in Chicago to be a disruptive force on the team, they’ll move him.
Jones came to Chicago to play for Baker. But with Baker gone and Jones being upset with his treatment at the hands of some Cubs fans, the situation could be a sticky one.
On top of that, minor-league prospect Felix Pie may be ready to step into center field at some point, so the Cubs may look to unload Jones and pick up a stopgap for center.
Whatever happens, Hendry seems to be feeling good about his club. A couple of tweaks may have him really excited.
“If those things happen, I would go to camp feeling real good about us,” he said. “I know we’re much, much better. I’m excited about the bullpen. I think we’re going to get more innings out of the starters than we had the last couple of years.
“When you can add a player of Soriano’s caliber, you’re going to be a lot more dangerous to start with. Yeah, you couldn’t help but feel good about the improvements, and one or two more things before Opening Day might make us a real good ballclub to compete against.”

It sounds very likely that Jones would be moving on before or during Spring Training. The way Jim makes it sound, he will give Pie every chance to win the spot, obviously Jones doesnt want to be here and the cubs are trying to find the right deal.. You have heard names like Figgins, Church and Erstad etc.. I have no problems having JJ start in center if he wants to be here. He puts up good offensive numbers and plays decent defense but has problems throwing, he cant be as bad as having Finley or Erstad out there. If he truly wants out, he will be out before opening day. Now is Erstad the answer for center? I say no, he is just coming off an injury and has been nothing more than a bench player the majortiy of his career.. I wish the A's would have took him but the have backed off according to some sources. Church would be a decent shot if it doesnt cost much, he is young, plays good D, has decent power and speed, he is a lefty and can hit in the #2 hole. Figgins would be ideal in my opinion, he had an off year last year but he has good speed and defense and could be a great stop gap for Pie. But in my mind I make the trade for Jones because I feel Pie is the real deal and he is ready this year, his winter league offensive stats dont show it but if he can hit .260 or above ill take that because of the D he plays.
Hendry says "one or two more things before opening day might make us a real good ball club". He also says he loves the rotation and bullpen so im thinking he means one more left handed bat( Cliff Floyd) and probably a trade for Jones.. I just hope he is not considering Erstad, I would put Pie, Theriot, Murton, Soriano, Derosa, and Pagan ahead of Erstad to man center. But as we have all seen, have faith in Jimbo, he will do the right thing.


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