Saturday, January 20, 2007

Soriano in Center??

Lou said today that he is serious considering putting Soriano in center next year. He said since he says he is willing to play center (as he stated on the radio) he may just get the job. Sori played great defense in left field at RFK, and i think he will do really well in center in Wrigley. He has the speed and arm to be a great CF. I also seen on the message board that a poster said he talked to Lou today and said his lineup is this ( not to say he actually did but this is a very realistic lineup that makes since)

1. Sori CF
2. Derosa 2B
3. Dlee 1st
4. Aram 3b
5. Jones RF
6. Barrett C
7. Murton LF
8. Izzy ss

Big Z
Prior( if not heathy then Marshall/Miller

The only thing I would change is to put Murton in the 2 hole and Derosa in the 7 hole.. Thats a really good lineup considering 1 thru 7 can hit double digit in homers, that rotation looks really tough.. I think the cubs should add Floyd to come off the bench and give Murton and Jones a rest once in a while.. He would do nothing but improve this team.. Im so pumped for the season, I hope it gets here quick!

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