Monday, January 15, 2007

Jones Out? Floyd In? or Not?

Theres an intresting idea in this article-,1,1236144.story?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

Jacque Jones still is on the roster and Cliff Floyd isn't, though their situations are almost certain to be resolved before spring training. Floyd already has told friends he intends to be a Cub, while Jones isn't expected at the weekend convention, indicating he's likely on his way out of town.

With Alfonso Soriano slated for right field, Hendry still doesn't have a regular center fielder if top prospect Felix Pie can't earn the spot in Arizona. The signing of utilityman Tomas Perez on Friday is merely a bandage, and the long-rumored trade that would bring Washington's Ryan Church to Chicago remains a long shot.

For now, it's sink or swim with Pie.

He makes a really good point, and the Duffy/ McLouth rumor makes more since now. The reason i say that is instead of having a signing of Finley or Erstad and completly blocking Pie this year without giving him a chance in spring training, you make a trade with the Buccos and get Duffy or McLouth and have Pie battle it out for the job. It makes perfect since because with the signing of a stop gap your basically telling Pie your not ready this year and you will be stating in AAA, if you did that you would probably kill his confidence. Instead I feel Jim wants to give him a chance to win the spot in the Spring by battling against Duffy or McLouth for the spot. Now is that saying the Jones trade will go down, who knows?? all i know is things are starting to come together now.


The chicago sun times have a different opinion-,CST-SPT-deluca15.article

Im not gonna put he whole article on here but all Jones haters/lovers should read it. It sound like Jones maybe on his way out but will not be given away, nor should he. Chris says that Jones hasent formally made a trade but there is enough evidence in his article to say that the cubs and JJ want a divorce, and if Jones doesnt want to be here you have to trade him because you dont want that cancer on your team. It also says that right now Jones is the only reasonable solution in CF, which I 100% agree, we need a left handed stick in the 5 spot, we need that 25 hr on the team and no one on our roster can take the place of that. Yet. Floyd sounds like he is waiting in the wings for Jones to be traded so he can offically be a cub and it also sound like the Giants could be a suitor if they cant get the Bonds deal done.. But who would we want from the Giants??? Winn?? Not alot of player on there I see as a match.

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