Saturday, January 20, 2007

Arbitration News

According the Daily Southtown, Chicago Tribune, and the Sun-Times, Carlos has set a deadline on when he wants to get a multi year deal done by, that date is opeining day. He says he will not go into contract negotiations during the season, he wants to concentrate on baseball for obvious reasons. There arbitration numbers are about 4.5 million dollars off, to me thats not a big deal especially if we are trying to work on a deal to make him a life time cub. Hendry is meeting with Big Z's agent today, this will be there second meeting and hopefully they can make headway to signing Z. The cubs no doubt will ask for a hometown discount, and hopefully he will give them one just like Aram did. Z is looking for Zito money and as well he should, he is younger and a better pitcher than Zito.. Theres no doubt if( god forbid) Z hits the free agent market he will get 20 million a year, its believed that Jim's idea of a hometown discount is in the range of 6-7 years 100 million.. thats about 14-16 million a year. I think he gets about 6-7 years 110-120million from the cubs which he deserves, there arnt many pitchers that deserve that kind of money(Santana) . The one thing I dont do is lose him because he is priceless to this team and no one on our current staff can fill that #1 spot, so get it done Jimbo!
The papers also said that the arbitration figures given to Prior from the cubs didnt insult him, he just wants to concentrate on baseball and get back out on the field. With the numbers being so close together I think they get it done by the weekend, if not then then soon after. As far as the cubs sending a message to Prior with the number being lower than last years salary, thats absurd, its just bussiness and the cubs just want to put out a amount that they feel is right.
As long as Jim keeps moving forward there is no reason the cubs and there players go to an arbitration hearings. They havent went to hearings since Mark Grace in 1993. Hopefully they dont go this year either.

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