Saturday, December 04, 2010

Lots Of Moves Affecting the Cubs...

- The Red Sox are on the verge of trading for Adrian Gonzalez and signing him to an extension around the amount Ryan Howard signed for to stay in Phillie. The Cubs reportedly made a trade offer to the Padres that was rumored to include Andrew Cashner, Hak-Ju Lee, Chris Carpenter, and another unknown player but the Padres were not impressed.

Once this trade if finalized it is likely the Red Sox will up their pursuit on Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth according to Buster Onley. The Sox want to acquire at least one of the two and if that is the case the Red Sox could make Jacoby Ellsbury available. Someone the Cubs have been linked to in recent weeks. The unfortunate thing is this will likely end the Red Sox pursuit of a third baseman which means they would have no interest in Aramis Ramirez.

After all this is said and done it seems A-Gone will not be a Cub and Aram will not be a Red Sox.

- According to sources the Cubs have interest in Paul Konerko but he is wanting a multi-year deal so I think this is just a pipe dream.

- The Cubs and Nationals have stepped up their pursuit of Brandon Webb and both have become the favorite to sign the former Cy Young Award winner.

- The Cubs still have interest in Chris Davis, in fact Bleacher Nation says the Cubs are about to acquire him from the Rangers for either Welington Castillo or Robinson Chirinos. Both are young catchers ready for the big leagues. It is likely Castillo gets traded because the front office is not to high on him but honestly I would trade Chirinos because Castillo looks the like the better overall catcher. After this move is made it will likely mean Hill will battle whoever is left for Geovany Soto's backup.

- If the Cubs complete the trade with the Rangers they could use the money they were going to spend on a 1st baseman to sign Orlando Hudson and Kerry Wood. Expect a domino effect when the Cubs pull off their first move.

- If the deal for Chris Davis falls through then they will likely sign either Carlos Pena or Lance Berkman.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Berkman just signed with cards. Chirinos is playing 1B in winter ball, maybe he will be the cubs 1B since cubs can't sign anyone till they trade a few contracts. By then all the 1B will be signed. I also don't think Cashner is going anyplace. He's a cubs starter next year. And Archer close behind.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Henry just say, we'll go for Webb and Kerry Wood, our farm system will take care of things until we've gotten rid of sone of the large contracts on the books? Maybe that's being a little too honest. Cheryl

Anonymous said...

cardnails signed lance berkman