Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rumors and a Riot!

Ryan Theriot is a Cardinal and he wasted no time taking shots at the Cubs. Here are some quotes from “The Riot”-

-"I'm finally on the right side of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry"

-"Once I got to pro ball, it was almost an afterthought," "It really wasn't talked about too much. It was like an unattainable goal. And now, being here with an organization like this, it's right there for the taking." – talking about a WS championship in Chicago and how it is different from St. Louis.

- "I won two divisions at shortstop"

I have to say I am not surprised at the comments since he took the Cubs to arbitration and lost. He has had a chip on his shoulder since then and held a grudge against the Cubs for making him change positions. I think all Ryan is doing is fueling a flame on the Cubs/Card rivalry and it is working. His comments are disgusting from a Cubs fan standpoint saying the Cubs did not want to win a championship is ridiculous and how HE won two divisions (my ass, the Cubs won two division with him at SS).

I for one am very happy that the Cards picked up Theriot. Now instead of cringing every time a roller goes to Ryan, I will cheer because I know even Carlos Zambrano can beat out a Theriot throw from short. Congrats Cards you got a utility player as your starting shortstop next season. I hope you enjoy the lack of range, arm, and OPS Ryan brings to the table!

- The Cubs major issue is they are strapped for cash so deals will have to be team friendly to happen.

- The Cubs think Carlos Pena is their guy because he brings great defense and power from the left side. Not to mention he is willing to sign a one year deal.

- The Cubs may have to expand payroll because their contract demands need to “get a realty check” according to Levine.

- Lance Berkman is asking for a one-year deal worth 7 million and the A’s might give it to him. If that is the asking price for Berkman the Cubs will pass.

- Brandon Webb is a big target for the Cubs.

- Adam Dunn will not be a Cub next season.

- The Cubs have no pressure to trade Fukudome. To me they may want to build trade value for him by saying they want to keep him.

- The Cubs checked in on James Loney but the Dodgers say he is not available at this time.

- Jason Frasor is staying with the Jays. He accepted arbitration.

- Mark Riggins is the favorite to be named Pitching Coach. An announcement could be made at the Winter Meetings.

- If the Cubs non-tender Hill and Baker they will likely go in house to replace them. But there have been rumors the Cubs like Bill Hall and Felipe Lopez both.

- The Red Sox have called the Cubs about Aramis Ramirez and are expected to talk more at the Winter Meetings.

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Anonymous said...

You think the cubs are pretending that they don't want to trade Fukudome with the idea that pretending they want him will make other teams want him? Saying you aren't trading a guy doesn't build his value.

Anonymous said...

I'm just stumped on why Hendry isn't making any moves. Maybe we will be shocked with a block buster deal but it's starting to look like a rebuilding with the farm system.