Monday, January 11, 2010

Maddux Come Back... More.....

- Greg Maddux is back with the Cubs as an Assistant to the General Manager. Maddux will be responsible for assisting coaching staffs at the Major and Minor League levels in Spring Training, assisting in the development of the Cubs minor leaguers during the regular season and assisting Hendry and the baseball operations department in talent evaluation. I think this move could be a potential grooming for a coaching position with the Cubs. For 2011, Ryne Sandberg Manager and Greg Maddux Pitching Coach!

- Could Maddux's good friend John Smoltz be next. According to my sources, Smoltz has labeled the Cubs along with the Cardinals, Mets, and Phillies as his preferred destinations to pitch next season. John would like to start and sign a Major League contract to do so. If signed by the Cubs he would start off in the rotation until Lilly came back then would be used as a swing man/late inning reliever or even move down to the 5th spot in the rotation. Maddux might be a good influence on getting Smoltz to Chicago.

My 25 man roster for next season with three additions. Adding Orlando Hudson, Gary Sheffield, and John Smoltz. Honestly I bet you can get all three for under 10 million combined for next seasons salary.

1. Theriot SS
2. O. Hudson 2b
3. Lee 1st
4 Aram 3b
5. Byrd CF
6. Soriano LF
7. Fukudome RF
8. Soto C


9. Sheffield LF/RF/1st
10. Blanco IF
11. Baker IF/OF
12. Hill C
13. Snyder OF


14. Zambrano
15. Dempster
16. Wells
17. Smoltz
18. Marshall


19. Marmol
20. Grabow
21. Guzman
22. Berg
23. Gray
24. Samardzija
25. Caridad

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Anonymous said...

What's your facisnation with Sheffield? He's not a good fielder, his arm is shot and he's a proven problem in the clubhouse, especially when he doesn't play everyday. I love O-Dog but I doubt he signs for 1 year and why block a path for Castro? Smoltz...I agree would like to see him in the fold.

Anonymous said...

Getting Maddux is probably the best move the cubs have made this offseason, oh and getting rid of Bradley.