Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hendry Not Done...

I first want to say congratulations to Andre Dawson going to the HOF. It is much deserved and I am so happy for "The Hawk." Here is the latest from the mill-

- The Cubs resigned Brad Snyder to a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training. He will likely battle for a 4th/5th outfielder spot on the team.

- The Cubs also signed first baseman Bryna LaHair to a minor league deal.

Here is some info on the Cubs from Jim Hendry on XM radio.

- Jim wants to make two or three moves to round out the roster for next season.

- He would like to make the moves before Spring Training.

- Jim says that if the Cubs are in the race for the playoffs he thinks Ricketts will allow him to raise payroll and add players.

- One of the players Jim would like to add is a bench player that can play the corner outfield spots as well as provide a bat off the bench. He also notes later this player would likely be a right handed platoon player for Fukudome in RF. Two names that come to mind that are perfect fits are Fernando Tatis and Gary Sheffield. Sheffield would be my number one pick with a career .307 AVG and .402 OBP while producing a .929 OPS against lefties. Hard to argue!

- Larry Rothchild will begin working with Carlos Silva next week and he thinks he already found things to fix with Silva.

- Jim Hendry would not rule out adding a starting pitcher to the mix if something comes up. He would also like to over-load the pen by add a veteran arm. I say he can have both by signing John Smoltz.

- The Cubs like Jeff Gray and Caridad for spots in the rotation. I would also add Gaub and Stevens in the mix as well.

- Jim did not mention adding a second baseman before the season but both Bibble and McDonald of XM radio (along with me) think the need to address it. I still say trade for Callaspo or Castillo or sign Orlando Hudson, Felipe Lopez, or Adam Kennedy.

Other Notes...

- The Cubs are interested in Heath Bell according to Rogers. This does not seem credible to me since the Padres are not shopping him anymore and the Cub officials already shot down this rumor late in 2009.

- There will be a full list of non-roster invites expected in the next two weeks.

- There is an owners meeting next week in which GM's can and will be in attendance. It is speculated that rumors and moves may start heating up like a little winter meeting. Should be fun.

- I honestly believe the Cubs should sign Sheffield or Tatis, sign Smoltz, trade for Castillo or Callaspo or sign Hudson, Lopez, or Kennedy. They should be in great shape if they made those moves. They could also fill out some bench spots within the organization and through non-roster invitees.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Maybe the reason the cubs aren't looking for a second baseman is they think Castro is real close. Also if cubs do trade for Bell then maybe we will see a block buster trade involving Marmol. Marlins have a SS - Marmol, Castro and Samardzija. Don't under estimate a team with new owners they always want to make a splash.