Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rumor Round Up

- Levine said that the Jacoby Ellsbury rumors were "ridiculous."

- Levine is concerned about the bench much like I am. He says that because Hendry took such a long time to trade Bradley he is two to three weeks behind. He says the Cubs would like to add a left-handed bat to the bench. He says they will fill the need via trade and not free agency. I think the Cubs need a guy who is a left-handed corner outfielder who can play first base. Hoffpauir was not the answer for that void. He does not mention any names but free agents like Frank Catalanotto, Aubrey Huff, and Eric Hinski would be inexpensive and fill the role nicely. As far as trades are concerned I really do not see any that fit the bill and stand out, except Nick Swisher but he is both expensive and would cost some valuable prospects.

- Levine threw out two new pitching names this off season. He said John Smoltz and Jon Garland both could interest the Cubs. Smoltz would look great as a starter for Lilly then put in the pen as a reliever when he comes back. He makes more sense than Sheets or Contreras.

- Levine says the Cubs are going to look to pad the bullpen over the next two weeks with trades rather than free agent signings.

- Bruce also said Shark, Gorzelanny, and Marshall will compete for the 5th spot in the rotation. Marshall seems like the best fit out of them.

- On Jim is counting on players like Soriano, Soto, Fontenot, and Zambrano to bounce back while keeping Aram and Lee healthy. That is a lot of eggs to put in one basket Jimbo. Go get a better bench and an everyday 2nd baseman please.

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The Cubs Analyst said...

I think Shark will be the fifth starter unless he has a awful spring training. i also think that Marshall or Gorzelanny will be traded to get another Reliever