Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ben Sheets, 3 way deal, and more....

- Ken Rosenthal sees the Cubs picking up Ben Sheets. Kind of interesting considering Sheets wants a multi-year deal worth millions.

- Could the Cubs pull off a three way deal involving the Mets and Red Sox? MLBTR.com had a potential deal that would have sent Luis Castillo to the Red Sox for Mike Lowell. This rumor of course hit some snags and had new teams get involved.

Tim Brown says the Rangers have not ruled out a trade for Mike Lowell. While WEEI.com says Castillo-for-Lowell is not close and Lowell will have to prove himself in Spring Training. Rosenthal chimes in and says it is "highly unlikely" to see Castillo traded for Lowell or anyone else. Joel Sherman says the clubs have not discussed this trade for weeks.

So why does this effect the Cubs? The Cubs have been linked to Castillo all winter, mostly because of the Milton Bradley for Castillo rumors. The Cubs were linked to him again about a week ago and still continue to talk to the Mets about him.

I took all this into consideration before posting this "Unfounded Rumor." I have received an email that the Cubs are getting involved in a possible three or four way deal that would include Castillo, Lowell, and Silva. Castillo would be sent to the Cubs, Lowell sent to the Mets, and Silva sent to the Red Sox. Castillo is owed 12 million over two years, Lowell is owed 12 million over one year, and Silva is owed (with the M's paying 9 million of his contract) 14 million with a two million dollar buyout for 2012. The money is pretty even and with the Red Sox desperate to unload Lowell as they are they could take Silva in return (you can never have enough pitching). The Mets would use Lowell at first more than likely and the Cubs would have a good #2 hitter in Castillo who can play really good defense at 2nd.

I have not been able to confirm this rumor but it makes too much sense to just leave it in my inbox collecting dust.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like Castillo and i hope we get him. I was also thinking since there have been alot of bad contracts traded this year. Maybe
the cubs could trade Soriano and his 90 million. Even if the cubs ate 45 million of his contract they still would have 45 million left to spend on a real centerfielder. Byrd is a 4th outfielder at best. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

they are NOT getting Sheets. they could have kept Harden for less and didn't.