Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Names... New Rumors....

- The Cubs are one of 5 teams who like Jose Contereras. The others are the Cards, Rockies, Phillies, and Padres.

- The Cubs already have watch Ben Sheets throw some but they are going to get a closer look on Tuesday where he will throw for about 10 teams. Hard to see the Cubs signing him to an incentive laden deal with that many teams interested.

- Reed Johnson is still on the Cubs radar for the fourth outfielder spot.

- The Cubs invited 19 non-roster invites to Big League Camp. There are 3 guys on this list I can see making the Big Show to start the season, they are Bobby Scales, Andrew Cashner, and Brad Snyder. With Snyder being the most likely out of the three in my opinion.

- The Tribune says the Cubs are looking for a right-handed platoon player with Fukudome in RF and said they have interest in Nady and Dye. Nady has good numbers against lefties posting a .308 Avg, .383 OBP and has similar numbers at Wrigley. Dye on the other hand not as impressive hitting .287 with .366 OBP. One source says the Cubs interest in Dye is sincere but will not go about an one year deal worth 3-4 million.

I will ask this again why not Sheffield? A career .307 hitter against lefties, .405 OBP and .929 OPS. His lifetime stats are better than Dye and Nady, he can play both corner spots and first (better defensively than Dye but not Nady), and will cost a lot less than Dye or Nady. I understand he has "attitude" issues but he is not like Bradley, trust me on this! The Cubs should pick up Shef over both Nady and Dye.

- The Cubs like Kiko Calero but are worried about his shoulder issues.

- Jim Hendry is discussing potential deal with the Padres, Blue Jays, and Rockies according to Levine. The players I am speculation that could be involved is the Padres Kevine Kouzmanoff, the Blue Jays Frasor or Travis Snider, and the Rockies Ryan Spilborghs.

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Joe said...

Thanks for the fresh info. Good stuff coinciding with the weather warming up a bit in Chicago.

D Lee, Rammy, and Lilly being FAs after 2010 is only half the story. Assuming they aren't traded to teams that give them extensions before they can hit the market, A Gonz of the Pads, Pujols, and Prince Fielder will be FAs before the 2011 season. I've enjoyed D Lee's time here, but A Gonz and Pujols... you can't argue with those two upgrades. Fielder would be an upgrade in pop and a lefty bat but not the glove D Lee has.

Or this allows the Cubs to resign D Lee at a lower rate and address other needs, although the remaining money would also depend on whether Rammy opts out, opts out and resigns with the Cubs, and whether Lilly can be resigned.

A possible "replacement" for Lilly could be Cliff Lee that offseason.

Sheff has good numbers vs leftys, but you gotta wonder how much he has left in the tank even as a platoon player. Nady I like cause hes a good option when healthy. Dye I would group with Shef. Those guys fit better on AL teams cause they wouldn't have to play in the field.

CUBB1975 said...

We just got rid of 1 headache in bradley. Why in the world r u pushing for another one in sheffield.

Seen him all the time in Detroit and is very similar to bradley in the racial dept. We do not need anyone else who thinks everyone is out to screw them over.

Anonymous said...

Sheffield is a cancer wherever he goes. the guy hasn't been on a team where he hasn't complained about his contract or playing time so thats probably why you don't hear the Cubs having any interest.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Sheffield is to old, when your that old lifetime stats don't count. I hope cubs look at Snyder real close. I think hes a better CF than Byrd. And he bats left handed.

Anonymous said...

are these the same "sources" that told you milton bradley was close to being traded back to Texas.

The Same sources that told you the Cubs were poised to sign Rick Ankiel.

sorry but i need actual evidence or links to believe it.

Jordan C said...

Hey this is Jordan from Cubbies Crib,

Just want to say thanks for the link on the blog roll

I will do the same on mine

Anonymous said...

The Dbacks sound like they might release Eric Byrnes with the signing of LaRoche. How about Byrnes as a 4th Outfielder?

Anonymous said...

Sheffield was or never has been a better fielder than Dye. Dye is an everyday player, while Shef is barely a major leaguer at this point, keep that cancer far, far away

tim said...

kouz just went to oakland.