Saturday, January 16, 2010

Byrnes a fit... Other Tidbits.

- The D'Backs have designated Eric Byrnes for assignment and would love to trade him but unfortunately he has not trade protection so they will likely eat the 11 million he is owed and be released. The Cubs should have some interest in Eric Byrnes even though his numbers are not has good as Dye, Sheffield, or Nady. The good thing about Byrnes is he plays all out all the time and can play all three outfield spots very well. Keep an eye on Byrnes.

- No information on Jason Bourgeois yet so it is likely the Cubs will wait until he becomes a free agent to make their move. One thing is for sure they are very interested in the switch hitter.

- Kevine Kouzmanoff was traded to the A's so he will likely not be in cubbie blue anytime soon.

- The Cubs are waiting and being patient in their pursuit of an outfielder that can platoon with Fukudome. They are waiting to see how low the price will go on these veterans. Although Hendry did say at the Cubs Convention he was going to add two or three players in the next two weeks.

- has great info on the Cubs Convention. I suggest you check hit out!
Here is some highlights-
## The Cubs will go into the season with either Fontenot or Baker at 2nd base.
## The Cubs are not actively pursing a starter but a right handed reliever.
## Hendry will add a couple of players in the next two weeks.
## Soto lost like 40lbs and looks great!
## Fukudome and Theriot will bat one and two or vice versa with Byrd batting 5th in the lineup.

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Tanner said...

I think if Soto goes the Cubs go. He will be the difference for the Cubs!

Sergio H. said...

Well, I hope Hendry comes to his sences and go hard after Jason Bourgeois and John Smoltz.
He will surely strengthen the bench, and add some needed speed at the top of the lineup. Smoltz fits the bill what the cubs are looking for.