Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cubs Not Close With New CF... Trade Route?

According to Ken Rosenthal at the Cubs have not picked or have a favorite for CF next season. He mentions the same names of Byrd, Pods, and Ankiel. Labeling Ankiel as a less likely option.

Ken does mention the Cubs could go the trade route naming Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera as potential targets if they are made available via trade. We have heard Melky's name already this offseason but Gardner is a new one.

Gardner is a young speedy left-handed hitting CF. He batted .270 with 3 homers and 26 SB last season in 248 ABs. Gardner plays really good defense and I would love if the Cubs got this guy but would he block the way for Cubs prospect Brett Jackson who is reportedly two years away from the Big Show?

Cabrera is also a good guy but could eventually block Jackson as well. He hits for more power and is a switch hitter which would really benefit the Cubs but is not a leadoff or big power hitter. The Cubs covet a big hitter or speedy leadoff hitter or both for CF. Not one in between like Cabrera. Cabrera plays good D and has a OK bat. He hit.274 with a .336 OBP with 13 homers and 10 SB.

In the same article Rosental mentions the Cubs contacted the Nats about Nyjer Morgan but the Nationals want to hold onto the speedy outfielder. He would be ideal for the Cubs. He hit .307 with 3 homers, 42 SB, and a .396 OBP last season. The Cubs need a guy like this! I think the Cubs should keep calling the Nats and making offers to them for Morgan. It could not hurt.

With the new information on the Cubs exploring the trade market for a guy for CF, lets look at some other players the Cubs should targer-

Rajai Davis- Still the guy I want the Cubs to add above all other Centerfielders. He is young, inexpensive, good defender, speedy, great average, good arm, and great guy.

Dexter Fowler- A switch hitter who plays really good defense and one of the fastest guys in baseball. Rox could be listening to offers but it is unknown right now. Good, Young, and Inexpensive. A great combo!

B.J. Upton- Had a down year so the Rays are not wanting to trade him while his stock is low. Should be a guy the Cubs should target.

Chris Young- Same as Upton, a down year and struggled at times but Young cost more cash than any one of these. Could be made available soon and the Cubs should call them.

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Anonymous said...

Why are we worried about blocking Brett Jackson? I say they go for Gardner and whe Jackson is ready we can trade Gardner (if he has played well and his trade value is high) or move Jackson to right because I read that he has the best outfield arm in the minors. I would love to see more speed on the cubs.