Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rumors Around the Cubs....

- Levine says the Cubs could be signing Matt Capps soon, this coming after his interview yesterday.

- Hendry had conversations with Brian Cashman about Melky Cabrera. I would love it if the Cubs swung a deal for Swisher and Cabrera! I am dreaming though.

- Just to update you on the Cubs off season to do list-
1. Add a CF
2. Right handed reliever
3. Starting 2nd baseman- Only if they have enough payroll room. A 2nd baseman should be more a priority rather than a reliever.

- Levine said the Cubs bench is a concern and very depleted. Adding 2 veterans like Nomar, Wigginton, Sheffield, Baldelli, etc should help.

- Levine says Baker will backup at 2nd,3rd, and outfield and has been told Baker is an outstanding outfielder. Did not know that.

- Right now Fontenot is the Cubs starting 2nd baseman. That is scary, I would prefer Blanco over him.

- Jaramillo has been busy, he already found a couple of flaws with Soriano's swing and Levine said if Ankiel ends up in Chicago, Rudy could add 30 to 40 points to his batting average. Can we get that in writing please!

- Gordon Wittenmyer likes the Bradley trade and thinks if they get anything from Silva it will be a good trade.

- Gordon thinks now that Bradley is gone things will start happening very fast in the next couple days to one week. I am hearing the Cubs will cross two items off their list before 2010, a guy for CF and their reliever.

- Wittenmyer spoke to some of Byrd's people and said a deal could be made very soon and it could even be a two or three year deal. 3 years? Only if it is a lower price a year I would be fine with it.

- Wittenmyer thinks the Cubs will add both Byrd and Capps very soon. I would be happy with that.

- Gordon says the Cubs payroll will be between the 140-143 million dollar range giving the Cubs 8-10 million to make additions to the 2010 team. If the Ricketts family allowed 15 million the Cubs could get a lot better for 2010 in my opinion.

Stay Tuned.,,,,


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that boston is trying to trade lowell. And they will eat 9 million of his 12 million contract. Since we got 9 million with the silva trade. That means silva has 2 years at 16 million. Lets trade silva for lowell even up, we save 4 million. AND we could trade lowell. Never happen.

The Cubs Analyst said...

"Gordon Wittenmyer likes the Bradley trade and thinks if they get anything from Silva it will be a good trade"

Sorry Gordon But i think expecting anything from Silva is kind of wishfull thinking.

P.S. i read that the yankees have asked about carlos zambrano but the cubs asking price was too high. The cubs probably asked for a simalar package that toronto was asking for, for Roy Halladay. Joba Chamberlain, Philip Hughes, and Jesus Montero

Nick I Cub Fan said...

The cub reporter is saying the Cubs are looking a Cuban lefty Chapman who throws 100 mph. And that NYY asked about Zabrano.