Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all from Hot Stove Cubbies! Here is the latest on Cubs rumors-

- If you have not heard Matt Capps picked the Nationals over the Cubs. It is a shocker but maybe a blessing in disguised because I think the Cubs have more pressing needs than a reliever like a CF, 2nd baseman, and the bench.

- The Cubs also lost out on Kelvim Escobar because he is close to a deal with the Mets. The Cubs were one of the few teams that watched Escobar pitch and had rumored interest. Again I would rather the Cubs address the needs above.

- The Royals are dangling Alberto Callaspo once again for an outfielder. Names rumored are Felix Pie and Chris Dickerson. So it seems they are looking for a young outfielder. I purpose the Cubs look at dealing Sam Fuld, Tyler Clovin, or even Brett Jackson for Callaspo. But that is just a thought.

- According to one of my readers the Royals could be dangling David DeJesus as trade bait. Interesting thought considering the rumor above but hey I would not mind him in CF next season.

- The Cubs were in talks with the Yankees about Zambrano and were reportedly willing to take on Kei Igawa's contract to get it done but the Yankees sent Cabrera to Atlanta for Vazquez.

- The Cubs are now cooling on the thought of Marlon Byrd for CF next season. Byrd is looking now at a 3 year deal worth 21-27 million. The Cubs should not pay that much for a guy that has been a fourth outfielder almost his entire career. A two year deal worth 12 million is about the max price I would pay for him now. Especially since Johnny Damon is considering a two year contract around 20 million now that the Yankees have moved on. Damon for 10 million a year or Byrd for 7-8 million? Who would you choose? Damon!

- It is rumored that the Cubs are now going back to the idea they need a more balance lineup. If they are they should sign Hudson, Ankeil, and Sheffield or trade for Swisher.

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Brett said...

Hey man I have a question for you, you seem to have a pretty good idea for the Cubs. Do you think the Cubs would have the funds to sign both Ankiel and Hudson? I think they would both be very good defensive upgrades plus provide balance to the lineup. Imagine this lineup...
Fukudome-RF....(Even if this is my version, any other versions would still have decent balance)

This isn't the top lineup in the big leagues but definitely respectable and defensively solid. Get back to me on here and let me know if you think this is a good idea or maybe more importantly if you think the Cubs would have the funds? Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Go Cubs.

Joe said...

I dont mind missing out on Capps. Rumor was the Cubs outbid Nats money wise. Until Capps proves he can be some where between his bad numbers and his good years, I wouldn't have offered much money. We can always deal for him in July if we need help and he proves to show he is back cause we know the Nats wont be in it.

If all the Royals are asking for is Pie or Dickerson, I offer Fuld or someone other than Colvin or Jackson. Those guys have higher potential than Pie or Dickerson.

Cubs would have been stupid to take on Igawa for part of Z's deal. As inconsistent as Z has been... SP is no longer our great strength with Lilly starting on the DL and Harden gone. We'll find out CF/OF option elsewhere.

I agree with the Damon over Byrd if Damon ends up being cheaper over less years. Only question is if he can handle CF everyday. I'm always worried about age.

I would love Hudson at the top... as I have wanted him on the Cubs since last off season. Sheff would make a nice platoon with Fuku in RF and a power bat off the bench.

Gunner Sykes said...

The cubs need a shortstop, not a second baseman. Theriot is a perfectly fine second baseman. We can play Blanco until Castro is ready.

We need a second baseman like a hole in the head.

Mike said...

My extra christmas wishes....Brett Gardner and Orlando Hudson.

cubsfan82 said...


I like your idea as well. Ankiel and Hudson would be great defensively while Hudson is pretty good with the bat. Rick can benefit from Rudy Jaramillo as the Cubs hitting instructor. It has been even said that Rudy can raise Ankiel 25-30 points.

Money wise it is hard to say because the market for CF and 2nd baseman have not been established yet. Hudson for a two year deal around 6 million a season and Ankiel at 3 years 15 million should be about right. That is what I would think. Hard to tell though. But I love your thinking.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I agree with Gunner about Theriot playing 2B. But i think Fontenot will play 2B and Theriot SS until after the all star break. That way the cubs will control Castros contract for an extra year. I also feel we have enough pitching. If Samardzija, Diamond, Marshall and Gorzelanny are competing for 2 starting jobs. The other 2 could go to the bull pen. The only 2 things this team needs is a CF. And good health for the rest of the team. I do think the cubs will trade for one of the Rocky's centerfielders not any free agents.