Saturday, December 26, 2009

Damon on Cubs Radar???

- Jim Duquette said today that the Cubs are "very interested" in Johnny Damon to play CF. He went on to say Damon can still produce at the plate but is awful in the field. He also says that it would be a huge mistake to sign him. I disagree, if he is willing to sign a two year deal around 18 million or so you get him.

- Levine mentioned today that David DeJesus is a trade target for Hendry.

- Levine also says that Reed Johnson maybe as good as gone because his agent is in talks with the Yankees.

- The Cubs has tons of interest in Kiko Calero according to Levine.

- The Cubs talked to Jose Conteras agent and considers him a swingman or starter.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I think the Cubs have about 6-8 million that they can spend thats it. The Ricketts are going to spend money on the ball park. I also think if the cubs trade for a CF, then they can sign Calero. Or they can stay in house with pitching and sign someone like Winn for one year. He can play center and lead off. There
is no hurry in signing anyone, there are a lot of pitchers and outfielders whos price demands will be dropping closer to spring training.

Jordan C said...

part of me wonders if signing conteras is a ploy for the Cubs to help them get Chapman

Rob said...

remember Ivan deJesus from the 70s and 80s? he was a pretty good player