Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jacoby Ellsbury Trade Bait? On Cubs Radar?

Phil Rogers has the latest in a very juicy rumor involving Adrian Gonzalez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Holliday/Jason Bay, and Cub prospects. Rogers says if the Red Sox end up with Bay or Holliday the Cubs would immediatly make an effort to land Jacoby Ellsbury according to sources.

Rogers goes on to explain this is why the Cubs are being so patient with the CF market and exploring all potential avenues. He says the best way to get Ellsbury on the Cubs is to work a three way trade with the Padres where Adrian Gonzalez is sent to the Red Sox netting the Padres two top Cubs prospects like Josh Vitters, Had-Ju Lee, Andrew Cashner, and Jay Jackson. It is in also my spectulation that the Red Sox would also include Clay Buchholz in a deal as well.

I got to say Rogers has a very valid point. The rumored deals of the past for Gonzalez has included Ellsbury, Buchholz, and other players. The benefit for the Cubs getting involved is they would send the "other players" the Padres would want for Adrian and the Sox would only have to give up two players (who are expendable) for power hitting 1st baseman. This would also make the Sox a clear cut playoff team and battle NY for the AL Representative in the WS.

The Padres would get rid of a potential big contract in Gonzo and sell high on him while filling lots of holes with young big upside prospects.

The Cubs would finally get a speedy lead off guy that had 70 SB, a .301 Avg., and a .355 OBP last season to play CF for years to come. He will soon be arbitration eligible but is still very inexpensive considering the market for free agent CF so far. The Cubs would basically be getting a better player than Granderson for less talent, which would be so amazing if Hendry pulled off a deal like this.

I will keep you posted as I hear more on this....


Anonymous said...

that be the best news ever! get a guy who steals 70 bases.. wow! I wouldnt mind giving up jackson and maybe hak ru lee dude.. If this does so happens.. hendrys takes this offseason from an D to probably B+

Keep checking and updating us on this rumor.. its a good one!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

If the cubs could pull off Ellsbury
and Buchholz that would be great. But i don't think the Ricketts family is willing to get rid of the young studs. If they were then how about the Dodgers. McCourt is hurting for cash maybe pick up Kuroda's 13 million contract and get Kemp with it for the cubs prospects. I still think the Cubs will be going CHEAP this year. More like Spillborgh or Johnson
( if the yankees don't beat us to him).

Tanner said...

This would be a great trade for the Cubs. How old is Elisbury? I would make sure the Cubs get him for about 7 years though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, feasible, and quite likely, in terms of trades by the Red Sox.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks im a HUGE cubs fan and i would love to hear more about this so please tell me more as soon as you hear anything

Joe said...

I like the idea of giving Contreras a shot if its on the cheap. Jordan... I like it even better if its an attempt to keep Chapman company.

Its tough if Reed is gone... but he would just be a platoon option... which is replacable as much as I loved his gritty play.

The Damon option still makes me curious at the right price... but the Ellsbury rumor is more tempting. I just question if he is worth our top two prospects. I guess HJ Lee is expendable since Castro is blocking him at SS of the future, but I would want one more piece from either Bos or SD. Maybe Heath Bell? I would be willing to bump it up to three prospects if we can get Bell included.

allan jb said...


archetypewriter said...

This is a deal that would potentially salvage a wildly unproductive off season for the Cubs. Considering a CF market that is spilling with short term solutions, this juggernaut could represent a fit for a Cubs team that stands on the brink of a rebuilding effort. Essentially, the Cubs are looking at a one to two year window to finally make a post season run, past that lies the stark reality of unloading heady contracts of aging stars. This deal would guarantee a center piece for such a rebuilding effort, while in the meantime landing the speed and defensive ability the Cubs are so desperately in need of. The current crop of CF candidates in no way guarantee a fit for any of the Cubs current needs, matter of fact they essentially amount towards wishful gambles that will in no way assist the team in making that final desperate push into the hallowed grounds of the playoffs. Additionally, Hendry, who is walking an extraordinarily thin line at the moment, could potentially do much for his cause if he finds a way to swing a deal of this magnitude. Fans would swoon over such creative moxy as well.