Friday, December 18, 2009

Bradley For Silva... More....

I first want to say sorry for not updating you right away on the Bradley for Silva deal but I have been busy with Christmas and such. Here is your updates for today-

- Here are the final notes on the Bradley for Silva swap. The Cubs sent Milton Bradley and his entire contract to the Mariners for Carlos Silva and the 25 million left on his contract. The good news is that the M's sent 9MM to Chicago which save the Cubs 6 million. I consider this a win for the Cubs. With all the talk about the Cubs having to eat almost all of Bradley's contract and how potential suitors were quickly losing interest getting the M's to take Bradley, hand over Silva, and 9MM is a really good job for Jim Hendry.

I do want to say that I am not a big fan of Silva but with Silva's average numbers in the AL he could benefit by changing leagues much like Padilla did with the Dodgers. He could be used to fill Lilly's spot in the rotation then when he comes back he could go to the pen or slide into the 5 spot in the rotation. One issue is Silva's durability but that is not a concern for me right now because how happy I am not to type another Milton Bradley rumor.

- Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News is saying the Cubs are close to signing Marlon Byrd. I really hope the contract is not bloated like Bradley's was. I would be happy with a 2 year 12 million dollar deal but nothing much more than that.

- Bruce Levine says the Cubs want both Byrd and Capps. If the Cubs added Capps for low money I will be very pleased. I still think after signing a CF the Cubs should then turn their attention to an everyday 2nd baseman like Hudson or Lopez.

- The Cubs have a lot of interest in Kelvim Escobar and are finalist for Matt Capps. Adding both would really help out the pen.

- If the Cubs signed one or two relievers it could make Sean Marshall, Shark, and other relievers or starter available via trade. The Cubs may look at the trade market for a platoon partner for Fukudome, bench player, or starting 2nd baseman.

I will keep you updated!


The Cubs Analyst said...

I doubt the cubs will sign a centerfielder beyond 2 years because Brett Jackson Will be ready to be the every day centerfielder Within 2 years. Also, even though i'm glad bradley is gone , Seattle may end up getting the last laugh.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Looks like we got 6 million profit in the deal. Now maybe we could flip Silva for a couple more million. Silva just plain sucks. He has the league batting .305 against him career wise. His best year was 2004, 14 wins 8 loses. And that year the league batted .310 against him. He had 203 innings pitched but gave up 255 hits. The only reason he won that many games in Minn. they have a great defensive team, the Cubs don't. The best that could happen if they can't trade him, is putting him on the DL.