Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cubs Outfield Update....

- Now that Mike Cameron is off the market the Cubs have been pursuing Marlon Byrd more intensely. The Cubs still want to trade Bradley before they sign an outfielder but Paul Sullivan says the Cubs do not have to trade Milton before signing Byrd.

- Sullivan did say nothing is imminent as of right now.

- Carrie Muskat said the Cubs are considering Rick Ankiel, Reed Johnson, and Scott Podsednik. I see Johnson only as a fourth outfielder, same with Pods but Ankiel should be the Cubs top free agent CF target and not Byrd.

- Muskat also says Byrd is the Cubs top choice among free agents although they have not ruled out bring Johnson back. If the Cubs do sign Byrd I think they should sign an outfielder to platoon with Fukduome. My top choices are Vlad, Sheffield, Baldelli, then guys like Gomes, Nady, and Winn.

- Now that the Jays are about to obtain Brett Wallace there is talk they will now trade Lyle Overbay to free up a spot and cash. Why is this important? I am hearing once the Jays acquire Wallace, Lyle will be heading to the Mets in a "three to four team trade" that will likely involve the Cubs and Milton Bradley. No word on what the Cubs would receive but I am speculating it would be Luis Castillo. In that scenario the Jays would receive Bradley in the three team trade which has been rumored before. In the possible 4 team trade I am thinking the Rays would be the 4th team sending Burrell to the Jays, Bradley to the Rays, Overbay to the Mets, and Castillo to the Cubs. Lets hope something comes of this and the Cubs just rid themselves of Bradley and his off season of rumors.

- The Cubs were one of the teams that watched Aroldis Chapman throw. With the Red Sox bidding 15 million total for Chapman over an unknown amount of years I can see the Cubs topping that number. I would like to see the Cubs offer Aroldis a 4 year deal worth 20 million bucks. They of course have to have the money to do that.

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Anonymous said...

new owners not wanting to make a splash. not good.

john d DSM IA said...

well here we go fire sale so what
now change the team name to the
royals rickets going to be a owner
like glass all that money but concerned about other things.i have
been a cubs fan since 1970 and im really getting tired of dumb gm's
stupid contracts not winning old players bad drafts picks.what should happen is that hendry should
be fired lou gm sandberg manger what could hurt thanks for letting me vent