Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Levine's Lines....

UPDATE- I received a email from Bruce Miles and he said there is no truth to a fire sale before the season and it is unlikely that Jim is fired before the 2010 season as well.

- Levine still thinks once the Cubs trade Milton Bradley for Pat Burrell, Jim will send Burrell to the Mets for Luis Castillo.

- Levine said the Mets need RBI production and Burrell can provide that for them even though we have heard the Mets are not interested in Burrell.

- Levine stated if the Mets signed Bay or Holliday it would not handcuff the Cubs. Burrell would either have to sit for a while or be the platoon partner for Fukudome in RF next season. Whoa!

- Once again the Cubs do not need to trade Bradley to sign free agents. Then why have we not signed anyone?

- The Cubs are considered long shots to sign Aroldis Chapman. Boy would I like to add him to the rotation.

- Byrd is still the Cubs top priority and have stepped up talks since the Cameron signing.

As far as the fire sale goes I am looking into it more but do want to say I am not just pulling this out of the air. I have receive numerous emails on the possible fire sale and it just made sense to me to post it. My sources want to stay secret for various reasons and I respect that and I hope my readers will to as well. If I come across a link or someone confirming a rumor I will post it on my blog. I will back it up with that, this I promise you.

Thanks for reading and posting. I will keep you updated on the Cubs rumors and news as it develops.


Anonymous said...

Pat Burrell couldn't even find centerfield.

Nate Bishop said...

I'd much rather have vlady than any other outfielder on the market now...300+ hitter with power and a great club house guy..but we have Jim Hendry who knows nothing of how to make a big move or a good one at that..get rid of Hendry, but dont get rid of the team. Just because your GM sucks and you make a move (some thing he doesn't know how to do) doesn't mean the ricketts should unload the team. The Cubs are a great team if healthy and with the right GM they can only get better. So if I'm in the shoes of the Ricketts I dump Hendry and take over the GM duties for a while and look into hiring a new, proven GM because lets face it, we're all tired of losing and Hendry only helps us to keep losing, so unless he proves himself real quick he has to go and it's a good way for the ricketts to show that they are serious about winning

Nick I Cub Fan said...

First if you reveal your sources they are no longer going to be your sources.
Second i don't care which blog or which writers stories you read 90%
of it doesn't happen anyway.
Third this site has been right on alot last year. I know cause i was writting no way we get Miles, no way we get Heilman. But we did.
Maybe you could sign in with a real name instead of ANONYMOUS that way i could see how often you are right. ANONYMOUS

Anonymous said...

The Cubs will not be able to trade Milton Bradley because of his contract; let's face it Jim Hendry screwed things up and is very afraid to make a move so he doesn't screw up again. So quit with the rumors on Bradley, the Cubs will be terrible in 2010 and this is coming from a life long Cubs fan.

allan jb said...

I keep reading and reading every day,but nothing ever changes.2010 will be worse than 2009,because we lose at least one rotation starter,Harden.We have added nada.

Anonymous said...

I hope the "platoon partner for Fukudome in center" was a typo and you meant RF.
Fuku is supposed to be moved back to RF and there is no way in the world Burrell can play CF.

Joe said...

Anonymous #2... I dont think Hendry is scared of screwing up again... its more a matter of not eating the salary a la the Sosa trade and having that eaten salary be a numerical stamp of proof of his big time error for the rest of the 2010 season as it is obviously affecting the Cubs moves.

I read somewhere that the Braves were looking to unload D Lowe. Maybe they can trade the two straight up or swing a three team deal with someone? The article said Lowe was due $45 mil over three years. We are helping the Braves shed salary in year three cause Bradley is only signed for two and maybe this allows us not to eat some, if not any of the Bradley money. The Braves are looking to thin out the veteran arm in the rotation that is at least six deep at this point. It also helps the Cubs fill Harden's void and we "spread out" the money due to Lowe over three years, which maybe will be able to convince the Ricketts to ok the salary increase ($15 mil per year for Lowe vs $10 mil per year for Bradley).

Nick I Cub Fan said...

bradleys gone cubs got silva from seattle.

tim said...

Bradley to M's, get on it.