Monday, November 26, 2007

Wood signs with Cubs! Matsui to make decision?

-Cubs inked Kerry Wood to a 1 year deal worth 4.2 million dollars and another 3.45 million in incentives. This is a very good move on the Cubs part. Wood was getting alot of attention and offers from other clubs that included a 2 year deal worth 12 million. He was linked to the Rangers, Red Sox, and Brewers but the Cubs got him for a reasonable price. Looks like Dempster will be in the rotation next year unless he is traded or a young guy shows his stuff in spring training.

- Kaz is expected to make his decision this week on who he will sign with . He has 3 contract offers from the Cubs, Stros, and Rocks. The Stros rumored to offer him a 2 year contract with an option for a 3 year worth a total of 12 million, the Rocks have offered a 2 year contract worth 6 million and the Cubs have made the strongest push for him rumored to offer him a 3 year contract worth 14 million. The Cubs are planning to use Matsui to get Fukudome. Fuk is expected to meet with his US agent Thursday and make a decision wether to stay in Japan or come to MLB. Expect him to make a decision by Sunday possibly signing by then also.

- It is rumored that 6 teams have put in offers to Fukudome's US agent in which he is expected to disscuss with him Thursday. I expect the Cubs, White Sox, Rangers, Pads, White Sox, and Royals to have all put in offers with the Cubs having the best contract. Why else would the Cubs deal Jones and Monroe and have no contracts out to any other OFers??? Hendry said he wants a RFer with good power, high OBP, a lefty with good defense. Thats Fukudome!