Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hendry waiting for call from Fukudome???

According to numerous reports, Jim Hendry is awaiting word on whether Fukudome will be coming to MLB or staying in Japan. Hendry has made it no secret that he wants a guy that plays good defense, a lefthanded RF with good power and high OBP. He has sent many scouts to Japan to check out Fukudome and Hendry even mentioned Fuk's name on the radio, Internet, and papers. It is obvious that the Cubs want him bad and are willing to pay a hefty price for him. Why else would they be ideal while other teams are making moves. Expect Hendry to try to blow away Fukudome with a contract to convince him to come here. He's not going to waste time by pussy footing in negotiations with him. Like I said before expect Hendry to offer him a 4 to 5 year contract worth 12-15 million a year with incentives similar to what Dice K got!

The Cubs need Fukudome, he would pull the lineup together well.

Sori LF
Fukudome RF
Lee 1st
Aram 3b
Derosa 2b
Theriot SS
Soto C
Pie CF

You could actually put Fuk in between Lee and Aram too. Either way that lineup looks really good!


initram said...

From what I understand, Fukudome is likely only going to command a three year contract such that he can test the free agent market again soon.

3/30, or thereabouts, should do it.

Anonymous said...

Cubs won't pay 12-15m for Fukudome to bat second, he will be in the middle of the order. The only way he would bat at the top would be if Soriano moved to 5th in the line-up.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have fukudome, thats the only person i want the cubs to get, and maybe santana, that would be a nice treat- would u trade pie-hill-and even patterson maybe marshall in there?

some nigga said...

theres no way THERIOT will bat 6th... hes either 8th or out of the lineup...doubt hes even the starter

Kamel said...

Looks like we lost out on Kaz Mat.