Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Intresting rumors and thoughts!

Here is some interesting tidbits on MLBTR-

-Crasnick spoke to Doug Melvin and confirmed that Claudio Vargas and Chris Capuano will not be non-tendered. But they could definitely be traded.

This is interesting to me. Sure Capuano had alot of problems last year and is traditionally a first half pitcher. But this is the same guy that won 18 games in 2005 and 11 in 2006. In 05 he posted a 3.99 era, he is 29 years old and a decent pitcher.

Vargas is another guy who is a serviceable right hander and could be pretty cheap on the market. He did win 12 games last year but his era is pretty robust. He is not an inning eater by any means but still curious why the Brewers would consider non tendering him.

Both guys are basically the same person as Marquis but if he is traded or not you might see Hendry try to sign one of these guys for cheap. That is if there non tendered.

-The Cubs are listening to offers for Jason Marquis, who is owed $16.25MM over 2008-09. So maybe they are still in on Kuroda.

Marquis was pretty good last year and blew alot of peoples expectations. I am a fan of Marquis and would like to see him stay a cubs and battle some young guys in ST for the 5th spot in the rotation. But if trading Marquis gets us Kuroda then goodbye Jason.

- Good news for MLBRUMORS! A source close to Geoff Jenkins has told me that the Padres have extended him a two year deal, worth 16-20 million dollars.

Wow 8 to 10 million to Jenkins??? This in a pitcher friendly park?? I hope they get this done to take him off the Market because I don't want him to be a fall back option for the Cubs!

- MLB4U has this for you- Cristian Guzman SS--Washington Nationals: The Cubs could pursue a trade for him if they fail to sign Kaz Matsui.

Guzman is extremely injury pron but about the same as Kaz. If a trade happens I hope it includes Church, I love that kid! If the Cubs are looking for a switch hitting MI, why not Lopez???

He is 27 years old, a former allstar, switch hitter. He also has a good glove and power in his bat. He struggled in Washington last year but he is traditionally a high OBP guy( in 05 and 06 he was in the .355 range) in 05 he hit 23 homers. He would be more of a soild pickup than Guzman and Kaz.

- This also according to MLB4U- --Minnesota Twins: If the Twins fail to re-sign Carlos Silva and decide to trade Johan Santana, then Nathan also becomes expendable. The Brewers, Giants, Indians, Tigers, Cubs and Red Sox are potential suitors. Nathan is a free agent following next season. The Twins are working to sign him to a contract extension, but Francisco Cordero's recent signing upped the market price for closers putting Nathan out of their price range.

Nathan would be a great pickup if the price is right. Can you imagine this set up

Marmol/Hart 5th-6th
Wood 7th
Howry 8th
Nathan 9th

That is a strong pen! Here is Nathan's stats-

Gotta love the 37 saves, 77 SO in 68 innings!!!! and a great 1.88 era with a career 3.00 era. The Cubs need this guy! I wonder if Marshall and prospects could get him???

-Don't Forget!!! Tomorrow, Fukudome is meeting with his US agent to find out what kind of contracts he could get here and what teams there offered from. He still has not decided whether to stay in Japan or come to MLB. Lets hope the Cubs offered him a " cant say no contract" and he signs with them this weekend. Hendry whole off season is circling around Fuk( at least that's what I think) so we need a decision soon!

- This according to JIM-

Our initial moves, as we cleared our deck a little after the season, clearly show we'll go after a quality left-handed-hitting outfielder, either in the free-agent world or through a trade," Hendry said. "We'd also like to add some left-handed hitting on the bench or in a versatile role.

It obvious he is waiting on Fukudome's decision. As for a versatile left handed bat maybe he mean Kaz?? or another outfielder?? Bradley?? Church?? Who knows the rumors are really heating tho!

- Eyre also exercised his player option for next year.


Joe said...

I would like to see another closer type arm for the bullpen.

Which is why I was wondering why the Cubs werent even rumored to go after F Cordero. But then I heard his road splits and the Cubs knew what they were doing.

But guys like Percival are still on the market and Dotel is another name that teams are looking at. Of course trading for Nathan would be the best of all if he really ends up being available. But I would only want to trade for him if we can get a window to negotiate an extension with him. If not, lets wait to snag him in free agency and see what Wood can do this coming season.

I agree Marquis surpassed almost everyone's expectations... but his second half was really worrying. I also want another top of the rotation kind of pitcher if we are going to make any serious noise in the playoffs. So trading him to make space for someone out there would be great.

Anonymous said...

Isnt Milton bradley injured and likely out for most of the season.

Anonymous said...

Crapuano?!? No thanks. Didn't the brewers lose an enormous amount of games in a row when he pitched? It'd be like Glendon Rusch all over again.

Anonymous said...

Bruce levine reported 5 min ago on espn 1000 , that kazuo matsui will sign a 3 year deal worth 14 mil with the houston astros