Thursday, November 29, 2007

Matsui to sign with Astros?? Cubs are sleepers for Santana??

According to many sources Kaz Matsui is expected to sign with the Astros Friday. The deal is reportedly worth 3 years 15 million. This isn't the worst thing to happen to the Cubs. Kaz could have played a good utility role with the Cubs but I didn't like the idea of him taking ABs from Derosa and Theriot. I wonder if this means Fukudome is staying in Japan?? or if the Cubs could still land him without getting Matsui?? I don't think it makes much difference to Fukudome, but I could be wrong. It would be nice to hear if he is coming to the US soon because the Cubs cant be just waiting around forever while other FA gets signed.


This is intresting-

The New York Times has named the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Angels as the front-runners for 2-time Cy Young Award winner, Johan Santana. The Times also informed us that an NL executive, who was not named, told them not to sleep on the Cubs, who have some young talent to offer in exchange for Santana, particularly by the name of Felix Pie. The Twins would love to aquire Pie, mainly because they are now in dire need of a centerfielder, with the absence of Torii Hunter.It would take a little more than just Pie to pry Johan away from the Twins though. It would likely take Pie and 3 other mid to high level prospects, possibly Hill, Gallagher, Veal, or all three. Whether Hendry would be able to pull this trade off or not is unknown, but I would imagine if this trade were to happen, Hendry's first priority would be a long term extension, which could command close to $130 million over 5 or 6 years.

If the Cubs could get Santana that would make them one of the most feared rotations in baseball! Especially if the can acquire him without giving up Hill( which I doubt).. Would this trade get it done??

Twins get Pie, Veal, Gallagher, Prior, Dempster, and Murton
Cubs get Santana and Kevin Slowey

A trade for Santana is highly unlikely for the Cubs, that's why they should focus on Nathan instead. He will come more affordable and would really help the Cubs!


Unknown said...

I was actually hoping Hendry was at least considering shooting for Santana.

As you have seen throughout my past comments... I am a Rich Hill backer. But like my feelings for a Pie packages for Crawford... the one scenario that I would be willing to let Hill go for would be for Santana. Santana is a known top of the rotation quantity that we are waiting and hoping Hill develops into. But this is all assuming we are given that 72 hour window to work out a long term deal with Santana... which I'm sure is what will happen. I dont think teams like the Red Sox and Yanks would be willing to part with the names that have been rumored just for a one year honeymoon. We can afford to give up Hill because having three leftys in the rotation is a little over doing it... despite the fact that we did it last year at times when Marshall was in the rotation.

The reason I am excited about this is because I've said all along we need another ace type pitcher in the rotation. Santana is that guy and not only that, we "block" the Red Sox and Yanks from getting them. My biggest fear is the Red Sox getting him because their rotation is already daunting as it is and the last thing I want is for our Cubs to get to the World Series only to have to beat that juggernaut.

I would say offer Hill, Pie, Veal, Gallagher, and either Demp or Marquis (including some money) or Prior if. I think that matches up with the young talent packages that the Sox and Yanks are offering. But I would say expand the deal to get Nathan and send E Patt, Cedeno or Font, and Ohman.

But that of course will leave us with a hole in CF and we're still looking for a RF.

If going for Santana costs too much of the farm, I say inquire about Haren or Blanton from the Oak.

Unknown said...

Do we dare bring back C Patt?

As of right now he is an upgrade over Pie offensively and we wouldnt need him to do much in a line up of Soriano, Lee, Rammy, and possibly Fuku?