Saturday, July 28, 2007

Murton scratched?? Matt to the Reds ??? Could Griffey and/or Arroyo be cubs???

First off from MLBTRADERUMORS-

Matt Murton was a late scratch for tonight's Cubs-Reds game. Does it mean anything? We should know soon enough. This time of year, every scratch or unexpected mid-game substitution is magnified.
The Cubs have been talking to the Rangers about lefty reliever Ron Mahay and catcher Gerald Laird, so maybe there's a connection. The Rangers could definitely find room for Murton in their outfield.
Take it with a grain of salt, but a Cubs source of mine confirms Felix Pie's availability (huh?) and says the Cubs made an inquiry on Torii Hunter. While intriguing, I wouldn't expect either player to be traded.

Here we go!!! With the trade rumors flying around like June Bugs in June, ESPN 1000 is reporting that a deal that would send Murton and a couple of prospects to the Reds is taking shape. The cubs are said to have "no interest" in acquiring Adam Dunn and ESPN is speculating that the Cubs have made a "strong push" towards acquiring Griffey Jr. and have offered the Reds an "very attractive package of players" that could send Pie along with Murton and a couple of pitching prospects( tho they didn't say what prospects). They also speculated that this could be a three way trade or the Reds could be offering Arroyo up if the Reds get Hill, Pie, Murton, and a prospect but that seems unlikely. If the deal goes thru it wont be finalized until after the Reds/Cubs series which ends Sunday.

They talked for about 5 minutes on the subject, if I hear any more I will update all my devoted readers. Either way this trade is both int resting and seems somewhat fair even tho I hate giving up Pie or Hill. But to get talented players you need to give up talented players.


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Arroyo, 4-11? Why would we want this guy?