Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dye could go to the northside???

Thanks to the Daily Herald-

Depending on whom you believe, Williams is on the verge of trading Dye to the Los Angeles Angels. Or the Cubs. Or the Cleveland Indians. He’s going to trade Contreras to the New York Mets and get shortstop Edgar Renteria from the Atlanta Braves for Garland.

I know this sounds like speculation but seriously I would love to see Dye in a cubbie uniform, even as a rental. He would provide nice pop and hit well in the 5th or 6th hole in the lineup. As long as he doesn't cost Pie or something ridiculous as Hill or Marshall, I say get him. I would even give up Epatt and Cedeno in a package to get him.

Be interesting to see who we get, if anyone before the deadline.

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