Friday, July 27, 2007

Cherry and Murton called up, and my theory.

Rocky Cherry and Matt Murton were called up today and no word yet on who will be sent to Iowa. Murton who had struggled to have success in the majors along with Cherry will get a second chance to prove that they belong on the club. The two players who I think will be sent down today is Billy Petrick and Jake Fox to make room for Matt and Rocky. Jake who has seen minimal playing time in the ML level will benefit more in Iowa where he will get more PT. Petrick needs to fine tone his pitches and command before he is able really succeed in the ML level. Matt has done really well in Iowa, lets hope he can continue it in Chicago.

I do have a theory on why the Cubs called up Murton and Cherry. Murton is a valuable trading chip on this team. He has shown success and failers at the ML level and exceeded in the minors. He is a perfect candidate for a trade because alot of teams would be willing to take a chance on this kid because of this upside( which is a guy who hits .300 with 20hrs). Cherry who has shown times of brilliance would be a solid reliever on alot of teams but unfortunately he isn't on the cubs. With him being called up and down it no wonder why the cubs could be showing him off before the deadline. The fact of the matter is there will be tons of scouts in the stands to watch Griffey and Dunn and this is a chance for Hendry to show off his trading chips while trying to win. Not only will the Cubs be showing off Murton and Cherry and a few others to scouts in the stands, they will be showing them off the the Reds in a possible deal sending Griffey( who would be ideal) or Dunn( which wouldn't be bad if we had a place to play him) to the cubs. The other team would be good in a deal would be the Drays, try to send them Murton, Cherry, and a minor leaguer for Wiggington. That would be a great move for the cubs.

Hendry is a smart guy if this is his intention.

But thats just my theory, I could be wrong.

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