Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lots of rumors and news to get caught up on!

Here is the first from

Cubs eye Wigginton

By Phil Rogers, 2;21 p.m.

Plenty of scouts were in Baltimore on Thursday watching Orioles starter Steve Trachsel, who was just back for the disabled list but could be thrown into a division race next week.
The Cubs' Ken Kravec was there, according to reports, but not to watch Trachsel. He was there to see Tampa Bay's Ty Wigginton, who delivered a home run off Trachsel, his 16th of the season.
Sources indicate the Cubs are looking at the versatile Wigginton as a right-handed bat off the bench and a super utility man (he's been a regular at third base and first base and also can play second and the corner outfield spots).

The Cubs have a lot of competition for him, however, as the Yankees, Red Sox, Twins and Dodgers have also expressed interest. The Devil Rays always want young pitching, and this is no different.

He would look good coming off the bench! He would provide a solid backup if Ward is delayed any. He can do nothing but help this club. There is alot of competition and it sounds like the Rays want relievers, which we don't have any to spare right now, unless there looking at the minor league level


Thanks to MLBtraderumors for this one-

Here is a little tidbit under the possibility of a Young extension in DC-

UPDATE: According to Bill Ladson of, the idea is to put Dmitri in left field next year. Should be wild. This might put Ryan Church's future in jeopardy; the Cubs have some interest.

I like this kid, he has alot of promise. Good power numbers, decent speed, good defense. Could be a valuable 4th outfielder or if Pie is delayed any you can put him in CF. Not sure if he is a fit this year unless you trade away Pagan, Jones, or Floyd ( which I don't see happening right now)


The reason I put this is because I love Pena and would like the Cubs to try to get him. Thanks to MLBtraderumors again-

The Red Sox just signed outfielder Brady Clark, per WEEI. That probably puts them out of the Bobby Kielty sweepstakes. Excitement! Clark, a righthanded hitter, might be able to draw a few walks and play all three outfield positions.

Slightly more interesting is that this may portend a trade of Wily Mo Pena soon. Pirates, White Sox, somewhere else?

More on DYE???

Plenty of speculation around Chicago that the Cubs could pursue Dye. However, I haven't seen any reason to think this is more than just speculation. He does seem like a fine fit on the North Side. Paul Sullivan believes Cliff Floyd's fragility may force the Cubs to acquire an outfielder. Will Carroll thinks the Cubs are the best fit for Dye as they can offer the White Sox a prospect and a reliever.

Would like to see him come here but I think KW will ask more than a prospect and reliever.

Here are a couple of links to check up on the Dye talk-,251SPT6.article


There is alot of rumors circulating about Dunn becoming a Cub. First of all, I think the Dunn to Cubs trade wouldn't make sense. Where would you put Dunn? With Sori in LF, Dunn cant handle center, and right field being filled with Derosa, Floyd, and Pagan there is no place for him unless you trade one of those players or you move Sori to 2b and put Dunn in LF which wont happen. This is purely talk and would be surprised if Dunn goes anywhere besides an AL team to DH.

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