Sunday, July 29, 2007

Payton trade looks close???

According to the Balt. Sun-

An industry source confirmed yesterday that the Orioles and Chicago Cubs have engaged in significant trade talks regarding outfielder Jay Payton as the non-waiver deadline approaches.A Cubs scout attended last week's series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Camden Yards. Payton started two of the three games and went 2-for-8 with two RBIs.In return for Payton, the Orioles likely would receive two mid-level prospects from the Cubs' farm system.

Not a bad player but I think the cubs could do better. Now that Ty Wigginton is off the block it does make things more difficult but there are players like Lorretta for a MI and why not make a splash and get Griffey? Then you could use Jones as a role player in the OF.

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Anonymous said...

as i said before if they get payton and he hits a hr in game 7 of the world series to win it go for it. go for broke if you think can win it all