Monday, May 28, 2007

Mets and Pads could look for outfield help? Call Nats about Lopez!

So with Brian Giles and Shawn Green both heading to the DL, both teams need some outfield help whether it is a right or left handed bat. There are not to many teams out there who have a surplus of outfielders but the cubs sure do. Another thing the cubs need is bullpen help in which the Mets and Pads have alot of good relievers to part with.

The Padres were trying to unload there good relief man Scott Linebrink earlier this year for Rowand. The deal then fell through and the Pads are now stuck with an aging outfield and there best OF now on the DL. This would make a good partner for the cubs. The outfielders that I see expendable are Jones and/or Murton. Floyd is a valuable player who can come off the bench and he is a fan favorite and is doing pretty well this year. So I don't see why a Murton for Linebrink or Jones for Linbrink trade would be unrealistic. After doing this you call up Pie and let the kid play everyday and center and have Pagan be a bench guy along with Jones or Murton( which ever one doesn't get delt).

The Mets have a different situation on there hands, they lose there everyday RF Shawn Green with a foot injury and he could be back in less than a month or longer. They do have some young guys who can fill the roll but the Mets are in a tough division and rather rely on Veterans or at least players with ML experience. Now the Mets have some relievers I love. Here is a list of guys that I think would be ideal for the cubs and could be had in my opinion.

Pedro Feliciano- Would take more than just Jones or Murton but if we packaged some of out struggling reliever he could be had I think but it is pry a long shot.

Aaron Heilman- God I love this guy! He could be a starter or reliever and could be tough to get from the Mets. Why not package Jones, Cotts, and Eyre to get him? That might still not be enough but it is at least worth a call.

Joe Smith- A great sub marine pitcher also hard to get but gotta at least put the call in.

Aaron Sele- Another guy who could be a long or short reliever or even a starter.

Any one of these pitchers would help the cubs and I think since the Mets are desperate for OF help we could get one of these relievers for Jones or Murton.

One more thing. Does anybody think we need an upgrade at SS? I certainly do, Izzy hasn't been hitting or playing good defense at all this year. Here is the SS I would like to see on the cubs and possibly could be had for the right combo of players.

Felipe Lopez- I have always loved this guy. He can steal you 40 bases, play incredible defense and hit for power. Not to mention his lifetime .331 OBP isnt bad. I would love to see him hitting 2nd and playing SS for the cubs.

And if all else fails I say release Izzy or trade him for something( bucket of balls) and have Theriot play at SS everyday and call up Fontenot.

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