Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pie called up? My Ramblings!

According to the many rumors on message boards and several sources of mine, Pie will be in Chicago tomorrow in a cubs uniform. This move is a result of Murton, Ward, or Floyd going to the DL. Floyd has said that he is sure he will be able to play tomorrow, he was scratched today because of an oblique strain. Ward's injury is unknown if he has one, he may have tweaked something when he pinched hit today. Murton is bothered with a sore lower back and also was scratched today. He was able to pinch hit but only in an emergency.
Pie was lifted today from the Iowa Cubs lineup for "unknown" reasons. It would be great to see him back on the ML team, cuz this team needs a spark plug and I think Pie would be the answer. He is a young, exciting, talented CF who should play everyday in center and he should start in CF everyday for the Chicago Cubs!


Ok guys bear with me through this! I'm going to rant a little bit here.

What is with the medicore play and players on this team? We have players fighting each other, players dropping routine flyballs, striking out on 2 bad balls and then looking at the third strike right down the middle of the plate, leaving bases loaded with only one out when a F*&k*^ng flyball would have scored one run. My nephew could get the damn job done! Besides some surprising play by Koyie Hill( who surprised me how well of a defensive catcher he is), Aram hitting the ball real well, and the regular good play by Dlee, you really cant say this team is improving at all. You have an absolute terrible bullpen besides a few guys, you trot out a guy who is batting .247 with 2hrs and a OBP of .302 and keeping your young stud who is batting .389 with 4hr and a .443 OBP in Iowa. Who actually makes these decisions?

Here is a list of players who need to be released or dealt!

- My number one is J.Jones, he cant throw the ball 15 feet without bouncing it. He terrible numbers! Either release him or trade him for a pair of used baseball socks! Pie deserves to play CF for the Chicago Cubs not Jones!

- Will Ohman, everytime I see him take the mound I say OH MAN because you know he is either gonna walk the guys he faces or give up a base hit on a 0-2 count! He needs to be gone also

- I hate to say it but Matt Murton. I thought this kid has promise but he is not an everyday outfielder. You could get some good relief help for him or maybe trade him for a young outfielder. How bout packaging him and a couple of relievers for Wily Mo Pena. He has raw power and would would be a perfect platoon in RF with Floyd. On Mlbtraderumors they say the Sox are willing to part with him for a top reliever, maybe a couple of mediocre relievers would do it like Howry and Eyre?

- Scott Eyre, you need to trade him or let him go. He is ineffective, he is this years Mike Remlinger.

- Bobby Howry, he hasn't done terrible but lets see who you can get for him if you cant get anything for him might as well as hold on to him. He hasn't pitched bad.

- Izzy. He hasn't played good defense or offense. Trade or release him please and play Theriot everyday at SS.

Please Lou and Jim do this for me and the rest of the cubs fans!

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