Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cubs Brawl, a low day in cubs history.

Micheal Barrett got in another altercation today but it just so happens it was with his battery mate Carlos Zambrano. The cubs frustrated with there play lately took it to another level in the dugout.
This incident started in the 5th when Micheal and Z got crossed up and Barrett didn't catch the ball then threw it away trying to nab the runner at third. So the runner on 2nd ended up scoring on a pass ball and error on Barrett. After the inning Z told Barrett to get his head in the game and Barrett responded by pointing at the scoreboard and saying " I'm not the one who gave up 13 hits." Carlos then slapped Micheal and received a split lip, the fight was then broken up by coaches but the fight still continued where cameras were not tapping.
Down in the locker room the scuffle continued. ESPN reports that Barrett went to the hospital with 2 black eyes and a split lip. He also reportedly also had his head rammed into a locker. No word on what happened with Carlos.
Z and Barrett were sent home and will be dealt with and punished tomorrow.
Lou and Lee had something to say about fights-

"This is not the first time players have fought on a team," Piniella said. "When I was with the Yankees, it seemed like it happened a lot. It shouldn't happen; it really shouldn't. You should concentrate your energies and your efforts on the opposing team. Sometimes things do flare up and they get out of hand."
"Fights are going to happen," Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee said. "It's not uncommon. I wish it wouldn't have happened in the dugout. I wish they would've brought it back here or in the tunnel if they wanted to fight. That's not our concern. Our concern is we need to play better baseball."

Lou had more to say-

"You don't want to see people fight one another on the team," Piniella said. "At the same time, you don't like to see some of the silliness that's going on the field. I only have so many players I can play. It's about time some of them started to play like Major Leaguers or [we] get somebody in here who can catch the [darn] ball or run the bases properly."

To me it sounds like Lou is sick of the sloppy play of some players on the team( ie Barrett and Murton) it also sounds like he is sick of trotting out these same players that are not doing anything but hurting the team. Look for some moves to be made soon to show Lou and the fans that the cubs are doing everything in there power to make this team better. The only way to do that is to cut the dead weight( fans know what players those are!)

Well all I can say about this incident is it is inexcusable and both should do a public apology to each other, the team, managers, cubs fans, and baseball fans all together. That kind of childish, selfish, behavior belongs out of site in the clubhouse, if anywhere. Not in the plain site of kids who look up to you ball players as there role models. There wearing your jerseys, there pulling for your contract extension, they come to see you pitch or catch or just watch you put on that blue pinstripe uniform and represent the cubs in a classy way. And today Z and Micheal did the exact opposite of what a ML player should do. Its time to grow up, its time to worry about winning damn games and not egos and blaming one another. Its time to join together as a team and get through this! They can either go two ways with this incident, either continue to fall apart or you can raise above this and become the Cubs that us fans love. The only thing can turn around this team is the players on it, and until they start playing like a team, and looking like a team the will be simply know as the lovable losers on the north side!


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