Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miller done in Chicago? Cubs watching Yanks very closely?

According to many sources,Miller, who is on the disabled list with back spasms, is expected to sit down with Cubs general manager Jim Hendry either today or Wednesday to discuss his future with the club. The 30-year-old Miller could retire or be released.

This was a low risk move in signing him to a small deal and I thought it was a brilliant one at the time. It just seems he will be another ill fated pitcher who the cubs took a gamble on and it didn't pan out.

Now the cubs are still trying to find there 5th starter. Guzman has moved to the pen, Miller looks to be gone, Prior had season ending surgery, and now we are on to Marshall. Marshall hasn't looked to bad so far. But in my opinion we need a veteran 5th starter( we should have never traded Maddux for Izzy, then this wouldn't have been a problem).

The cubs also have to find out what to do with the pen? What to do with the overcrowded outfield? The 5th starter? And there situation at SS. All these need to be addressed soon by Hendry and Lou. We have been fortunate to be just 5 games out of 1st with the way we have been playing, now is the time to upgrade and set stuff in stone instead of hoping it will work itself out!

I have some ideas I would like to pass on to my readers. For the inconsistency of the lineup, 5th starter, and pen, there sure haven't been alot of rumors bouncing around for a team that is only 5 games out of first. I have some ideas why-

1. The cubs are merely waiting for the situations to work themselves out and like the team how it is.

2. The cubs are waiting for the market to identify its buyers and sellers because believe it or not its still early.

3. There isn't a market for the players we have yet.

4. Instead of piecing off this team bit by bit, they want to do a mega deal by the deadline.

5. They just don't know what to do yet.

Personally I think it could be any one of these. But here is my personal belief. I think the Cubs are watching the Yankee situation very closely. The yanks are currently tied for last and 13.5 back of the first place Sox. They are also 7.5 back in the Wild Card. Now if the Yankees don't get the spark they need from Clemens and don't start winning, they will become sellers for the first time in a long time. The Yanks have alot of players who have bloated contracts that they would love to unload, not to mention getting something for Arod( if the Yanks don't make the playoffs Arod will opt out so the Yanks will get permission to trade him and you will see Arod in another uniform this year). The other players that could most likely get delt are Bobby Abreu, who is owed 15 million this year and has an team option of 16 million with a 2 million buyout, Mariano Rivera, he is owed 10.5 million this year and is a free agent next year. Look for him to hit the market or retire. Its unlikely the Yanks deal him but not impossible. Kei Igawa, a disappointment this year and is in the minors currently. He will be definitely traded even tho his contract is only 20 mill over the next 5 years including this one. They will try to get some value for him.

Others that could be bait are Farnsworth, Pettite, etc... There are alot of players that could be delt by the Yanks but thats only if they dont make the playoffs.

I personally would take any of these players! It of course has to get to this point before we start really analysing the situation. But wouldn't it be great to have Abreu and Arod in cubbie blue? I think so!!!!!

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