Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Murton as trade bait for relief help? Dempster to the Yanks? Marshall up, Cotts down

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Cubs Offering Murton For Relief Help
According to John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus:
"The Chicago Cubs desperately need bullpen help, and reportedly would part with outfielder Matt Murton in the right deal."
For a team built to win now, that might make sense. Sure, you'd rather see the more expensive Jacque Jones go, but teams would of course rather acquire the younger, cheaper Murton. Murton, 25, only has 87 ABs this year. Cubs fans hoped to see him get a full-time look following a solid .297/.365/.444 season, but Lou Piniella hasn't complied.
What kind of deals might work here? To the Nationals for Jon Rauch or Chad Cordero? To the White Sox for Mike MacDougal? That'd be a tasty crosstown deal. Is he enough to bring in Scott Linebrink, Eric Gagne, or Akinori Otsuka? I have a hard time pinning down Murton's market value because I'm a Cubs fan. He seems a touch more than a tweener, perhaps a guy who can become a healthy version of a late-20s
Rondell White.
The Cubs got White from the Expos at the 2000 trading deadline for
Scott Downs. Downs was a 21 year-old southpaw coming off a 1.35 ERA and 11.36 K/9 in Double A the year before.

I would trade Murton for Linebrink in a heartbeat, I would also trade him for Gagne, Otsuka, and Cordero. I would not trade him for MacDougal or Rauch tho. He can get better value than that. I would also contact the Mets, they might not need his outfield help but you never know. I like the pen alot. I would like to see maybe a Murton for Feliciano or Burgos. Could we even throw in some relief help of own to get a combo of them two or throw in Heilman. Lets face it the Cubbies need relief help bad!


According to reports, the Yankees are interested in acquiring a starter, and may look to Ryan Dempster and the Cubs. Jim Hendry was unavailable for comment, but said he hopes to remain with the Cubs. Dempster is 9-for-10 in save opportunities, tied for sixth in save percentage among NL relievers. So why would they consider moving him to the rotation now? Dempster has only started six games since 2004, but has only had two winning records when he was a full time starter, and that was back in 1999 and 2000. I don't know exactly who the Cubs could get from the Yankees, but by trading him, they have no proven closer. Bob Howry and Scott Eyre aren't pitching like last year, and Carlos Marmol and Angel Guzman have too much potential to try and pitch them everyday, it would simply ruin their arms. Maybe the Cubs could swing a deal with Matt Murton, who they have also considered trading. Trading Matt Murton and cash or a PTBNL would probably get them Scott Linebrink, but at this point in the season it is uncertain. Before the Cubs do anything, I think the Cubs should try out Lou Piniella's idea of having the closer start the game and pitch two to three innings, and then bring in the normal starter to finish out the game. It would toy with hitters who would face the closer once, and then get a new pitcher with a fresh arm.

What could the Cubs get for Dempster? No No Arod is out of the question. The Yanks do have some young arms that are doing decent( at least the ones not on the DL). How bout Igawa? I know alot of people don't like that idea but I like this guy and his stuff. He would be a great 5th starter in a new environment in my opinion and we will leave it at that. If not for him then for who? Maybe bring Farnsworth back to Chicago? Lets face it the cubs main needs are a 5th starter, bullpen, and why not look to upgrade shortstop by acquiring a guy who can hit .270 with power and can steal and can play decent defense. Cuz lets face it Izzy is not doing the job.


Marshall was pulled for today's game in AAA and joined the cubs on the west coast coast. Cotts was sent down to AAA.

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