Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Spring tidbits

More and more news is coming out of ST. So here it is-

1. One day after Marquis was named the Spring game opening day starter, Zambrano was announced today he will start the second game.

2. Lou and Larry are not gonna rush the pitchers coming off injuries. Miller is taking it slow, he has a great breaking pitch and spotting his fastball well but his velocity is down. But that is expected.

3. Lou is very impressed with Wood. Here is his quote from

"If I were Kerry Wood, I'd be very pleased with the way I threw," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "He looked nice and comfortable out there. He threw the ball nice and easy. [For the] first time out on the mound, [it was] very encouraging."
Not only was Piniella impressed, but so were the hitters who faced him. Just ask infielder Casey McGehee, a non-roster invitee to camp.
"It wasn't fun," said McGehee, the first batter to see Wood. "He looks pretty good. When he's telling you what's coming and he can buckle you on a breaking ball, he's got a pretty good one going.
"I've never faced him before but the ball was coming out of his hand good, and he threw a couple sliders, and he buckled me even though he told me it was coming," McGehee said. "He located the ball pretty good."

That sounds great, it sounds like Wood is doing very well and I bet he starts the season in the bullpen sharing the set up roll with Eyre and Howry.

4. Finley signed with the Rockies. Normally I wouldn't put this on here but he was rumored to be waiting for the cubs to offer him deal. Luckily that never did happen, he signed a minor league deal with the Rox and will compete for the backup CF spot. I can see all you cubs fans jumping with joy and I'm with you. The cubs didn't need another outfielder, let alone one who is 42 and hits .250 with not alot of power and shaky defense.

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