Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some News, not much..

-Young pitchers threw to hitters yesterday and it there was a scare on the field. Soriano was up to bat and Randy Wells was pitching. Wells threw a 2 seamer that got to much air under it and buzzed Sori. Sori was able to get out of the way before it hit him in the head. They kinda shrugged it off, things like this happen during spring.

-Lou talked about things in this article-

- Sean Marshall is throwing and getting his strength back but is still not ready for hitters.

- Lou and Soriano are on the cover of SI, the Spring Training issue.

- 7days until the first spring training game, 8 days until the cubs play.

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Anonymous said...

The inside news I have heard is that Kerry Wood is NOT completely healed in the shoulder. While that is no secret- it has been said he will need to play through the pain because the tear will never fully heal by itself. The news is that if the tear worsens (it has been suggested there is an 80% chance that it will) it has already been decided by the Cub's brass the that he will be shut down for the year(again)to have the surgery he opted not to undergo last year. Latest word is that he is already experiencing significant pain this spring indicating that the tear is progressing. Don't be surprised if it announced that he is shelved for 2007 in the next few days.