Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Big Z to go to arbitration?

Zambrano's agent and Jim having an arbitration hearing at 3pm central time. They have yet to agree on a one year deal. Although Z said he was 85 to 90 percent sure they wouldn't go to arbitration it now looks a little different. According to cubs.com-

Instead, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry left the Fitch Park complex shortly after 11:15 a.m., and the two sides appeared headed for a hearing. Hendry did talk to Zambrano on the field before leaving.

I still think there could be an agreement in place but no announcement has been made. The article on cubs.com doesn't sound like they no for sure that Jim was headed to arbitration. All it says is that they "appear" to be going to arbitration. We will have to just wait to see what comes out of cubs camp. Personally Z is worth the 15 million and I think he will win if the do go to an arbitrator. If he loses, that will dramatically effect the relationship between the Cubs and Z and possibly damage or delay any multi year deal worked out before opening day.

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