Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green With Envy

Here is our post St. Patrick's Day update-
  •  Castro talks about Junior Lake taking his spot at SS.
  •  The Cubs claimed Frankie De La Cruz from the Brewers and he was placed on the 40 man roster. De La Cruz will report to Cubs camp right away and fight for a position in the Cubs bullpen.  You can find more on Frankie here.
  •  I ask myself this question. Do the Cubs take a small gamble and sign recently released Dontrelle Willis to a minor league deal? I would not be opposed to it.
  •  All Garza knows how to do is lead.
  • Wood feels he can be durable this year but not 78 games durable.
  • Garza thinks the Cubs are "Special"
  • The Chicago Tribune talks about the older outfielders fighting off the young pups trying to make it their job.
  • So remember about a month ago we told you the Cubs  offered Cespedes a 7 year deal before he eventually signed with the A's for 4 years well we were close a according to the Chicago Sun Times and Cespedes.  I would have loved to have Cespedes on the team but only for the amount the Cubs offered or less.  I just do not know how you go 4 or 8 years on Cespedes with similar average annual salary.
  • I am hearing from my sources that Soler could be gaining residency by the end of the month if not sooner.
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Anonymous said...

Nope, not close. And if you look below that original post, you'll see my comment that says the Cubs offered him six years instead of the seven that you implied. I also nailed the part about him wanting either a four year deal or more than eight, I implied ten. So in all of the years you've been doing this blog I've nailed a rumor while you haven't nailed one. Get some new sources man or just give up the act, you're not fooling anyone.

admin said...

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