Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Roster Stuff and Levine Speaks...

  • ESPN Chicago thinks the back-up catcher position will go down to the wire. I think it has already been decided for the Cubs with Clevenger. He is left-handed, better polished, and is a traditional back up catcher. Castillo needs to play everyday so he needs to be either a starter in Chicago or in Iowa. Clevenger is the clear choice.

  • If you have not checked out The Cubs Reporter then you should ask why.

  • Everyone is talking about Travis Wood and his poor spring but I am still optimistic about what he can bring but it doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy his first game in an Iowa Cubs uni.

  • Dale Sveum sure likes his bench as it is taking shape.

  • Now some stuff from Bruce Levine-
    · Levine suspects like most of us that the Phillies will be or already have called on Cubs about DeWitt. Levine does say he feels DeWitt is a more valuable than a marginal prospect. I disagree, because if he was so valuable then why did the Cubs put him on waivers?
    · Levine says Junior Lake is about a year away from playing everyday in the majors. I can agree with that.
    · Levine does not see Cubs management worried about LaHair.
    · He feels Stewart will be the most improved player on the Cubs this year. I agree again!
    · He sees Jay Jackson in AAA although he pitched well.
    · Levine drops a BOMB and says the Cubs have been discussing trading Byrd and replacing him with Jackson. But then backs off and said it will likely happen in June or July.
    · Levine has not heard anything on Soler but says the Cubs have a leg up on him.
    · Levine believes if Marmol is traded the Cubs will lose 100 games and says the Cubs can’t trade away all their players because they have to keep fans interested. I completely disagree with the “losing 100 games” comment and I don’t think Marmol is one of those players people flock to see. Not to mention winning and putting a good product on the field will bring people to the ballpark more than individual players. His premise is flawed.
    · Bruce thinks Shark will make the rotation and the Cubs will make Wells available in a deal with another team. I see Wells making the team or being traded now.
    · He thinks Rodrigo Lopez will secure a spot in the pen. NO WAY!
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