Thursday, March 22, 2012

Indeed More Moves A Comin'

      - Marmol health scare was just that and the MRI showed no damage. He will be pitching in a game by Monday.
- Strasburg will get the Opening Day start for the Nationals against the Cubs.
- LaHair will make the team out of Spring Training unless he ends up on the DL with an injury.
- Hoyer said the Cubs are still open for business and the final two weeks could bring movement to the Cubs.
- Hoyer feels they have solid (if not crazy) rotation depth but things usually work themselves out.
- Jed says late spring deals heat up in the last 10 days or so and he had this to say- “wouldn’t be surprised if we made a move.”YAY MORE MOVES!
- So less than 24 hours after Hoyer saying things will heat up here comes the rumors-
1. The Angels are looking for rotation depth and have spoke to the Cubs about Randy Wells, Chris Volstad, and Casey Coleman according to sources.
2. The Red Sox are also looking for affordable rotation depth through a trade and are targeting Randy Wells.
3. The Red Sox may also be looking for a reliever so they can put Daniel Bard back in the rotation.
4. A source said ignore the Phillies statement of them “staying put” with what they have. They have been on the phone with several clubs including both Chicago teams about middle infield depth.
- Andy Sonnanstine was option to AAA Iowa.
- In case you were wondering the Cubs have no deal in place with Jorge Soler.
- It sounds like Dempster is lined up for the opening day starter but nothing is official yet.
- Ian Stewart will not be stopped or slowed by his wrist issue.
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